LG Pad Tablet: Specs List Easily better than iPad?

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2010

Most of you may have missed this earlier today as it kind of slipped under the radar, but an LG exec’s announcement of their ‘LG Pad’ certainly got our attention, due to the sheer powerhouse hardware specs that are thought to be coming with it.

As reported from BGR, the LG Pad is meant to be on schedule for a release sometime during the first quarter of 2011, and it will be a 8.9-inch device which will be packing a beefy dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. Furthermore, it has also been slated to be shipping with Android OS Honeycomb, meaning that it may go up against the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is also being upgraded with Honeycomb in the future.

For us though, it is all about the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, as that will be able to power some serious multimedia applications, not to mention being able to handle a collection of 3D games. This device has the potential to blow the iPad out of the water in terms of hardware capability. We all know that iPad won’t be matched in the software department, but the LG Pad could well be a serious competitor to Apple’s device if marketed correctly.

We’ll let you know once we hear more details on the LG Pad – give us your initial impressions so far.

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