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Kinect Xbox 360: Video Walkthrough Review – Awkward to Play?

Following on from our previous report which informed you about a ‘not so nice’ review for Microsoft’s Kinect hardware for Xbox 360, we now have a very good video walkthrough review for you to take a look at, giving you an exact look at how the Kinect features operate.

Once again, the video comes to us courtesy of Engadget, as they have included this 10-minute walkthrough as part of their review which as we mentioned before, only received a 6/10.

The video shows of the collection of Kinect launch titles on offer, these include Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Kinect Joyride and Your Shape – Fitness Involved. The video also gives you a good heads-up on how the central Kinect Hub looks like, as this will be your primary way of using voice commands to access certain features on the Xbox 360, i.e Zune for example.

During a preview of Rallyball, you’ll hear Engadget’s Ross Miller point out that when Kinect tries to detect his body into the game, he says that ‘it’s not perfect and that it is pretty awkward’. With that aside though, he says the game works, despite the noticable lag, although again, he makes the valid point that this isn’t a hardcore game so it shouldn’t matter too much.

However, when trying out Your Shape – Fitness Involved, he states that the title is ‘probably the best fitness game we’ve ever seen’ on a console – pretty impressive. The video goes on to give impressions on the rest of Kinect’s launch titles, make sure you check out the boxing part – it’s pretty ridiculous.

Overall, if you are still undecided on whether to pick Kinect up today or over the weekend, check out the video below as it will probably help you with your decision.


  • Jacob

    I have it, and I absolutely love it.
    It's not perfect, but I'm sure, come 6-months, Microsoft will have *Kinect 2.0* out (only for ANOTHER $150….:P)
    Regardless, its not for hardcore. Its perfect for having a bunch of friends over and using it!

  • Digger

    Tech is cool, but no games I want to play. I enjoy playing rock band at parties and friends house. But I have never bought it, because I know that I only want to play it occasionally in party situations. I will not be sitting at home rocking alone to the game, so I did not buy it. Same with Kinect, would I have fun at a party with it, sure, but if I had it, what would I play on it? nothing. Sport and dance games, not all that amazing. when they come out with something that makes me say wow, I need to play that, then maybe. but till then. Not spending the money.

  • Sam

    Its just like a Wii fun when your drunk, with kids, or your grand parents. It's not for the hardcore gaming community. Another game company money grab and I have to much self respect to be dancing on my own in my room…

  • Its just not that great right now. I mean sure it'll be something new, and fun, for a while. But then what? I personally belive it was launched too soon, Just like microsoft likes to do though. Does, when the xbox360 first came out ring a bell? I'm not saying microsoft is crap, in any way or form. Just they pre-release, with only have a set ammount of months for Beta Testing. I feel, and really hope the'll continue working with Kinect, improving the minor missed details. And of course, the unique games Microsoft comes up with.

  • jkj

    wow joker paid by Wii giving a review.


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