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Kinect Xbox 360 Review: Room Size Issues and Hand-Gesture Lag?

Today is officially Xbox 360 Kinect today and with it, the collection of ‘official’ reviews are now starting to pour out, as Microsoft has finally given the green light for the embargo to be lifted.

We’re going to provide you with a review round-up later on, but this detailed review by Engadget has caught our attention, since the tech site has only scored it a 6/10 – citing a few key issues which have been well documented prior to release.

Firstly, their biggest gripe with Kinect is the fact about Microsoft’s recommendation requirement to play Kinect from at least six feet away from your TV set. They mention how every Kinect game you play reminds you about the size recommendations, but Engadget point out that this isn’t an easy task to complete, especially in smaller-sized living rooms.

One of their other criticisms of the hardware, is the fact that using hand gestures to input commands into Kinect seem to take longer than they should do – i.e a few seconds. Engadget even go as far to say that using the Kinect menu UI is ‘a painful reminder that pushing a button is so much quicker and more convenient.’

They do say that the technology in general is great, and that the voice commands and Kinect Video features work great, but conclude their review by saying that Kinect ‘has a lot of growing up to do’.

What are your thoughts on this? Has it put you off slightly from making a purchase? Read the full review over at Engadget.



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