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Kinect Xbox 360 Problems With Skin Color

Select stores opened at midnight so that consumers could get their hands on the new Kinect device for the Xbox 360. Microsoft had hoped that the release would go off without any issues, but we have learned of a number of problems, which Alan Ng recently discussed.

We thought we would pick up on another issue; one that I felt needed to be explained. It seems that two dark-skinned GameSpot employees were having a few issues with the facial recognition features. While the system could only track one person inconsistently, Kinect had an issue with locating the second person altogether.

A third dark-skinned employee thought that he would give it a go, and he was recognized right away. Worryingly lighter-skinned employees had no trouble with calibration, which always worked on the first try.

This has to be a bug in the system, one that will be fixed with an update. You are still able to play the game as normal; it is just the facial recognition that is the issue. This means that your Avatar will not be selected properly, as Kinect is unable to recognize who you are.

Have you had an issue with getting the system to recognize you?



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