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Kinect Xbox 360: List of Problems after Release?

If you are a consumer in the US, you’ll know that Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360 finally see it’s release later today when stores start to open up. For those of you who have received pre-orders a little early, have you experienced any problems with Kinect so far?

Kinect has been subjected to a fair amount of negative feedback, stretching as far back as a few months ago when it was known as Project Natal. Some early testers had claimed that the software is a bit laggy, and unresponsive to gesture comments, and a review that we told you about earlier seems to have backed up these claims.

A big deal has also been made about the 6 feet of space that Kinect needs to operate properly and the fact that it doesn’t do a good job tracking your body when you are sitting down.

We know theres a good amount of you who have already received your Kinect camera earlier than the November 4th launch date, just like gamers somehow already have access to COD Black Ops despite it’s launch date of November 9th.

If you have discovered a problem already with Kinect, or notice any problems after buying it later today, let us know by leaving a comment below.



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