Kinect Xbox 360: List of Problems after Release?

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2010

If you are a consumer in the US, you’ll know that Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360 finally see it’s release later today when stores start to open up. For those of you who have received pre-orders a little early, have you experienced any problems with Kinect so far?

Kinect has been subjected to a fair amount of negative feedback, stretching as far back as a few months ago when it was known as Project Natal. Some early testers had claimed that the software is a bit laggy, and unresponsive to gesture comments, and a review that we told you about earlier seems to have backed up these claims.

A big deal has also been made about the 6 feet of space that Kinect needs to operate properly and the fact that it doesn’t do a good job tracking your body when you are sitting down.

We know theres a good amount of you who have already received your Kinect camera earlier than the November 4th launch date, just like gamers somehow already have access to COD Black Ops despite it’s launch date of November 9th.

If you have discovered a problem already with Kinect, or notice any problems after buying it later today, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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    My Kinect when I got it worked just fine. I used it like twice in all really but then I noticed the box that shows what the kinect sees at the bottom of your xbox menu page was gray and black and the light was red. now it doesn't work and wont read or adjust. any help? cuz xbox support sure as hell isn't helping!

  • Levi

    ARGH the stupid thing won't work!! its says to go to the xbox website but it doesn't help. at all. man i'm just trying to set the stupid thing up for my brothers. i hate xbox. so i thought i'd give the camera thing ago but it wont i'm pissed.

  • Hersheyz

    i know my xbox suck ****
    because i was just playing kinect adventures and then it stops and says that it needs a piece and there is a problem and we tried to fix it but that shiett dont work..

  • Pokemonhunter48

    pleeezzzz help i cannot play other kinect games(exept kinect adventures) on my kinect evertrime i play difffrent games is shows a big XBOX 360 logo and woudnt play(my kinect is connected to XBOX ELITE ANY BODY WHO READS THIS PLEEEZZZZZ REPLY

  • I got the kinect, hooked it up as instructed, by disconnecting my wireless adapter and connecting the wireless adapter to the front usb port on the xbox 360, and connecting the kinect to the usb port on the back of the console. The Kinect works just fine, but I no longer have a wireless connection. So, can't stream Netflix or do anything else that requires an internet connection. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, have you been able to resolve it and how?


    I got a Kinect shortly after the official release date (pre-ordered via amazon) and I like it.
    I use it mainly for entertainment and will try a few games but I have noticed very now and again it seems to be "listening" to voices from a movie that is playing and will pause / FF / RW the movie as if I gave it a verbal command…

  • Sasha Hush

    Well i just bought an xbox with Kinect 1 week ago and I absolutely love it. Gameplay and sensitivity are smooth but I made sure I calibrated it before play. The ONLY problem I have is when playing "Dance Central" sometimes the second player doesn't register for a sec and misses a step.

  • Core Losers

    LOL! listen to these guys "CORE" gamers.. haha.. ya .. your professional in everything you do.. YOUR PROFESSIONAL RC CONTROLLERS.. your not FIT, not Quit thinkers, YOUR OLD SCHOOL… its called HAND EYE COORDINATION.. thats 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Half of you are out of shape. Buddy boy 240lbs thinks hes a navy seal… the guy uses his thumbs and index fingers to fight a war..

    CORE gamers … are scared. That a fit female around 9 years old will have better cardio and beat him at any online kinect game that requires … getting off his a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    walk up losers.. thumbs and fingers is 90's … arms is 00's were in 201X times now.. its legs heart eyes hands… NOOOOOOOOOOO more thumbs needed.

    • Daniel Linger

      I'm glad you said thumbs and fingers are a thing of the past. That may explain why you have such trouble making sense while typing.

    • pointer

       Obvious troll is obvious. Lame

  • upset customer

    I think the kinect has been nothing like it promised! it struggles to track you, it struggles to recognize you and the 6 foot of space you neec to play is ridiculous! and some games want even more! constantly telling us to move back! im already 7 foot away how far back does it want me?? im taking mine back! what a waste of money that was! i am a big x box over playstation guy but i have seen their move controllers and ive gotta admit there a lot better then kinect and CHEAPER! shame on you microsoft!!!

  • yomanukkk

    the kinnect is shit, i know atleast five people whos have broken out of random, they dont track as well as the should

  • Momof2

    I just exchanged out our xbox kinect for a new one. It would routinely send us messages in the middle of a game, "Your sensor is starting up. Please stand by." or "This game requires a kinect sensor." We would get these well into the middle of a game. I hope it doesn't happen with the new one. That said, my kids 12 & 15 enjoy it alot!

  • mitch 2009

    ur all rather sad get a life and if you like buy it, you dont dtay away and stop ruining other peoples fun alll to quick to slate and cuss pathetic!!!!!!

  • Christopher

    Has any one had a problem with an error when hooking up the kinect? I hooked up the connect and I got a fault saying disc error cannot read disc. Now I don't have the kenict and I cannot get pass this screen to update it. Is their any way to reset the console?

  • josef

    i can setup mi kinekt everytime coming up to screen messag sensor is not valid

  • Kane

    My Xbox recently had many problems shortly after receiving it for Christmas. First of all my games wouldn't eject from the machine at all (Which I admit may be nothing to do with the Kinect at all), My Xbox stopped reading the discs put inside it and although I did manage to get it to work with some games (But it required some tedious ejecting and then re-inserting of the disc and switching off and on to get it to work), It then got the red ring of death for a while although it did pass next time it was switched on, it now has gone back to not being able to eject discs at all and is unable to read the disc inserted anymore.

  • Dale

    The xbox kinnect fried my xbox. They want 120 to fix it. no games work now.

  • Matt

    The XBox connect fried my XBox. Thanks Microsoft. They won't help me.

  • Mark

    Wasnt this supposed to be about problems with Kinect, not "who's the bigger gamer".. No wonder you geeks cant get laid.

  • Niaghy

    Omg, The kinect its an evolution!!!! I had a Kinect vs.Move Party and my players had so much fun with kinect!!! Where ps3 Move had not interested us as much! To get the full experience you need 2 controllers for the move. Ps3 Move just reminds me of an sexy adult Wii!!! Im a hard core gamer but im really happy to get off the couch and actually do something!!! Since its winter and the storms keep coming Im happy I have some motivation to move in my own home!!!

  • Dave

    Wow, this article makes it sound like the Kinect is nothing but problems.
    Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but every new tech item has its bugs.
    360's have RROD, PS3s are still dying after system updates, my sister got a defective 'move' set, my 1st generation rock band guitar had a desgin flaw, the list goes on and on.

    There are TONS of people that are loving the Kinect and are having a blast with it., but since the internet is mostly full of negativity, this article will give non-kinect users a bad taste in their mouth.
    Read this with a grain of salt.

  • Abner garcia

    some games give me problems though and it wont scan my body, especially if their is two players involved

  • ypnos

    YES! there is a major problem. a spaxy living room is needed! 6ft MINIMUM! from the TV.

  • matt

    wel i guess its safe to say you are all nerd raging cause it was a simple question, are their MAJOR problems with it

  • Kris

    I purchased Kinect last week. All I have to say is that the technology is pretty cool. I only have Kinect adventures right now and well that game gets boring fast. The games out right now don't look that good. Dance central has to be the best game so far. Lots of fun and the future looks good for Kinect.

  • Nike2000

    For you that said that is not the future… stfu!
    You dont know how hard is to do such a thing like kinect?!
    Just go post you dreams about flying in the bathroom. If you actually know how hard is to do such a thing you wont post like others.

    • adamisgod

      its not the future you idiot, take a hard look, the software in the kinect doesnt function properly thats why iits so bad. they couldnt make a half decent skelaton system, thats why you cant move fast and it works whie playing. they are trying to put the illusion of virtual reality into your minds. but its not its shit and thats why in project natal every single video was fake. because it doesnt responde anything like what they made it look like cause they wouldnt make money its all about sale and money and marketing fool. this tech has been out for ten years. do you research son. bet you they will bring out a new version in over a year from now. WATCH.

      • Daniel Linger

        How on earth could something like this be the future. It's just not versatile enough.

        True, it may sell a load, and might be a great success (who knows), but all it is doing is opening a new market and revenue for MS (the more casual gamer).

        Saying it is the future implies that it will supercede all conventional controllers, which is just plain stupid.

  • chicago gamer

    kinect is freezing up my xbox can not log on to the wreles router in the house…
    It uses the back usb for kinect u have to conect to player 2 to to use the wireless xbox but it is getting a signal.
    dont say i i dont have wireless internet cus im using the laptop connect to my router to post this message.

    I say if it works great but for me it might be going back to game stop tomorrow if this can be fixed


    im getting the kinect for christmas. right now there trying to get the families to get it and i am pretty sure they will get to the hard core gamers pretty soon. like cod and halo….i can just picture myself holding a gun without actually using it and making the same gun gestures instead of pressing a button… this thing blow all the other consoles away….

  • Frustrated

    Kinect suxks on legacy 360s. I have the halo 360 and none of the games will play all the way thorugh. they freeze or comepletely turn off the kinect device and you have to restart the Xbox. It truly truly sucks.

    • Happy Xbox Kinecter

      I also have the legacy Xbox 360 and had no problems. This thing is Fantastic, go get one while they last. Make sure your using the correct USB connection to power your Kinect. This is important.

      • John

        I bought the kinect right away and have never had a problem with my 360, but now when I turn on my 360 a black screen shows up but I can still hear the sound. This was after playing dance central this morning. I hope its not because of the kinect because it is a fucking blast to play!

      • brijendra singh

        Hi Can you suggest me which USB port is the right port to connect Kinect , because most of the times i am getting message either " sensor restarting…please stand by" or "can not connect to kinect sensor".. Most of the time i need to restart my xbox and try to change USB port..than it will back for some time.. but again i can see same problem.
        FYI i have xbox 360 arcade model

        • Blake

          Yes I have the same problem with my elite and kinect. I bought 2 15 ft USB extenders because of the layout of my gaming room. I think that the extenders are messing it up but I don't know. If someone could give me a suggestion of what to do. Thanks.

  • Please

    Alan Ng is a PS3 fanboy, we all know that………………………refer to his articles

    I know this won't get through your sensor, just doubt your spirit as a columnist.

  • kinnect owner

    the kinnect is awesome and worth alot more than they are charging if u want to see what video games r gonna b like in the future well wait no more cuz the kinnect is the first of something huge and im glad im lucky enough to have pre ordered mine ive had no lag no problems just tons of fun to all u who r fooled by the hate i feel sorry for u cuz u r definantly missing out on the coolest thing thats ever happened to video games

  • Johannes

    I was just playing it, and I think it is awesome. I dont understand why you dont get one and write a proper review instead of asking people if there are any problems? Why dont you ask them if they like it? Or what is great about it?

  • Jake

    Some of you haven’t even tried it and you bashing it like a bunch of little girls with your panties in a bundle. The software developed here will greatly expand in the next five years. Possible beyond video games. Just like Apple has it’s touch screen technology, Microsoft will be know for their voice and motion technology. It’s kind of neat to think about what our kids will be playing with…

  • mike

    gaming is about having fun and making a console more fun for more people increases revenue and that increases development. you say this isnt the future well seing as the wii did very well and this instead of taking away from the console adds a new string to the 360 i say enjoy it and have fun , but remember you miss the whole point the xbox 360 and ps3 are supposed to be media experiences not gaming alone !! so if you dont like dont buy but with around 5 million unit sales before xmas i would say this is going to be a success !!

    • Earl

      Exactly, the wii was the crappiest system it didnt do good at anything and I think so far ps masterd it. Ive owned all three and I havent played popular game for a while but I got into a few. I use mostly internet and thats why I love my ps3. Why pay for xbox live when ps3 has so much to offer. Now theres the kinect its a landmark if it works right. It is the future. Though Iknow people have said this before but could we get farther. Were in 3D with no controllers. Thats greatness

  • Jasen

    sorry…this is NOT the future…I'd like you to list your favorite 360 game of all time…or how about your top 5…now explain to me how you will play them w/ Kinect?!…with no controller…that's right you won't. Sorry jumping and leaning and talking to your TV is NOT the future. This is just a cheap way to bring in casual gamers…they have ignored the core gamers…but that won't stop them from stringing you along and promising a great core game that will end up failing bad.

    • Steve

      It's not the future of gaming, its the future of technology. Video calls, movie/menu controls. If this tech takes off you will soon be able to surf the internet by waving your hands, go online shopping, only rather than sitting at your desk in front of your computer you can walk thru a digital mall.

      Think about walking into your home and it recognizes you, starts your coffee maker, you tell it to preheat the oven so you can start supper, (or maybe in your case start you microwave dinner).

      Its the future of technology, while I am still skeptical about the tech, I dont give a fuck about the games, I'm excited for what it will do for the world.

      We are not that far from shit you see in sci-fi movies.

    • dan

      im a core gamer i got the kinect at the midnight release for my gf who is a casual gamer granted all of the games announced so far are casual but after seeing the capabilities of the kinect system i must say core games will be in the future there is to much potential there to let go. Granted they are trying to steal nintendos lunch money but if they use kinect to its potential it will make a nice added additon to great games like cod and halo, im not saying the kinect would work alone in this venture but if they devised a first person shooter controller and it worked well to function with kinect we may very well see a new gaming future but its alot of ifs at the moment i agree that it is completely based off casual gamers but at the same time im thinking wow this could be a turning point in gaming technology. sorry for any spelling error's.

    • adamisgod

      sorry but this jasen couldnt be more spot on about the kinect and who its made for. yhe clearly knows what hes on about. cause i think the same. the type of people its made for its guys girlfriends, who will say oh hun can we get that. i.e. shit people who cant play games. but like he said that wouldnt get enough money in. you need the real harcore gamers to sell something to this market. you guys say wii did so well so theres your proof. but i dont know if you have seen google finance when you type in the wii. the first year everyone was like wow, went downhill from there cause people got bored and it was crap the games were crap. and its made for your mum. its taken a week for kinect so develope millions of bad reviews.

  • sean

    looking at it if no problems then it will take over the future is now

  • Sid

    i think this story just encourages made up stories from PS3 fanboys.

  • Icy

    Kinect will be a like a bomb, it'll build up and then explode into nothingness.

    Poor Microsoft…

    • Jake

      kinect is the future..embrace it! It is amazing…I have it.

    • victor

      ya that's correct its like a bomb me and my son were playing when we heard the tv make a loud sound and all was black the x box does not want to turn on thanks a lot kinect thats what happend when we rush to buy the first thing that comes out thats new