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Kinect Dance Central Review: Disappointing Features And Unlocks

Micrsoft’s Kinect device launched in the early hours of the morning, which we discussed in a recent post. There are only a few games available at this moment, and one of those is Dance Central. This is the first dance game where you can truly be yourself and dance like a pro – or idiot in my case.

There are two things that you need before you attempt to play this game, dancing skills or pure bravery. Whatever way you look at it, this has to be one of the best party games yet. How many times have been asked to dance against someone else and then ask who was the best? Well the the Xbox 360 game will let you know who the winner was.

IGN has now had some time with Dance Central for the Kinect, and in their review of the game said that “Central isn’t a perfect experience.” However, Ryan Clements from the website still said that it was worth the investment. The point of the game is to follow a set of dance moves, which you are then scored on. There are over 30 songs for you to dance too, but I am certain that more will follow in way of a DLC.

Before you visit IGN for their Review of Dance Central, their final verdict of the game was generally good, but the lack of features and unlocks was disappointing to them. However, the fun factor and accuracy of the Kinect system more than makes up for these shortcomings. Did you agree to the new terms, allowing Microsoft to monitor you? More on this here.

Have you tried out Dance Central, what are your thoughts?



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