Kinect Controller: Another Review and Launch Party

By Gary Johnson - Nov 4, 2010

Now the Microsoft Kinect has finally been released the question being asked is it any good? We have an early detailed review of the device for you.

Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer say’s that the Kinect is a very cool piece of kit, but notes that it needs good lighting to work without any problems. Even with a reasonable amount of lighting the Kinect has a problem for about 10% of the time. Owners will also need at least 7 square feet of open space when using the device.

The Kinect Adventures which is bundled with the device is said to be a polished fun game which demonstrates all of the Kinect features, and is good for all ages to enjoy. Hardcore gamers are advised to hold fire and wait for some top games like “Legend of Zelda” to become available for the Kinect, but if you like to have the latest tech you won’t be disappointed.

Joystiq are reporting that Microsoft celebrated the launch of the Kinect by turning Times Square into one big Dance Central. Hundreds of dancers got together for a dance routine which ended with them all collapsing to the floor.

Have you been impressed with the Kinect?

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