iPhone 4 Alarm Clock Bug: Apple’s Official Fix for UK, US

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who are still having problems fixing your alarm clock on your iPhone 4 after the Daylight Savings Time issue, as Apple has now posted a support thread on their website which will help you to solve the problem.

As reported from Apple Insider, the problem has been aimed at European iPhone 4 owners since the time switch has already occurred, but iPhone 4 owners in the US should also pay attention to this, as the exact problem may occur for you this Sunday, November 7th when Daylight Savings Time officially ends there too.

Apple has made a list of the iOS devices which are affected by the Alarm Clock Bug, which is actually every single device bar the iPad. Apple then advise customers to set the repeat interval to ”Never” on your clocks, and then you’ll need to reset these alarms for each day you need them.

Full details over on the Apple support website. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • DJ119

    late for work this morning! my weekday alarm did not go off at all!

    • Bob

      Me too

      Didnt go off at all


      • jack

        me too..this sucks…

  • Smokey

    This doesnt work. I have the iPhone 3Gs and my alarm went off an hour late today. I thought this problem was only with the iPhone 4 since this has always worked on my phone in the past. Come on Apple get this fixed.

  • Jerry

    This bug caused me to be late for work!!! When my alarm clock went off one hour early, I did not know what happened. I ended up turning all my alarms off and when I woke back up, I was late for work. BOO I am disappointed with Apple and ATT!!!!

  • Christy

    I'm in the US… this isn't just affecting UK people…
    I take medicine daily at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm, and have reoccuring alarms set for this. Obviously, the time change bug/glitch is affecting this… but riddle me this… why is the 9:00 AM one fine, but the PM goes off an hour early???????????? This makes ZERO sense! Also – the point of a reoccuring alarm is so that it reminds you to do something… if it's something you are afraid of forgetting (such as taking medicine) are they then saying that now I need an alarm to remind me to set my alarm? That's crazy. I really hope this is fixed this weekend… b/c this is insane. I love my iPhone but I'm really starting to get irritated between all the dropped calls I have, the spotty coverage, and now this… AT&T really needs to get their act together!!!

  • Sarah

    For the last week my alarm clock on my iPhone 4 has been going off an hour earlier than I set it. Daylight savings is this Sunday so I’m hoping that fixes things.

  • Courtney

    I recently started noticing that my one alarm clock that I have set for everyday goes off an hour early. I have alarm clocks that go off only on the weekdays and those are fine. But really this started maybe a week ago. So hopefully after the 7th I’ll be ok

    • Murt

      This just started happening to me also as of this week! …Weird coincidence that it's happening at the same time as the European time change…

  • Steve

    Is there something in our devices that links to some USA time then, and that can't accept daylight saving times changing differently in other parts of the world? It doesn't seem a coincidence that all will be OK on 7th Nov, after USA change their clocks. And those of us that have set alarms an hour early may therefore regret that, come Monday!

  • Cam

    That’s Not a great solution.. I’ve been setting my alarm an hour early and it goes off when I need it, no resetting! 🙂 much better way to get round this issue than resetting ever day, I’m bound to forget one day!

  • Harriet

    You still can, but only after November 7th apparently…

  • AJC

    So you're saying the iphone 4 can't repeat an alarm unless this is entered manually for each day it's required? Seems a little cumbersome….