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iOS 4.2: Release Date Update for iPhone, iPod Touch

We have some good news for those of you looking forward to the release of Apple’s iOS 4.2 update for iOS devices, as Apple has inadvertently revealed a release period for when the update will drop.

According to this report from the Guardian, Apple gave the hint about iOS 4.2, when trying to help out users still suffering from problems related to the alarm clock bug on the iPhone 4 – read more on that in our previous report here.

When explaining a potential solution for users though, Apple revealed that the problem will be fixed up after November 8th, meaning that the update could be due for release at any time up until the 8th (Monday).

Don’t forget that we recently told you that Apple has already released the GM version of iOS 4.2, so an imminent release for iOS 4.2 now does look very likely. We predict that Apple will actually drop this on Monday though, and not before. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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