Google Instant Beta Launched: Android and iPhone Video

By Jamie Pert - Nov 4, 2010

In early September Google launched Instant Search, at the time of the launch they suggested that it would be coming to mobile devices, now we can confirm that the beta has launched.

At the moment the beta is only available for Android devices and iPhone, to use it simply head to on your mobile’s browser and then click the button which turns on the instant beta (just below the search box).

You can see a video showing off the beta at the end of this post, as you would expect it should help you find search results in far less time and with far less user input, which is obviously great for mobile devices.

We would love to hear whether you are a fan of the Google Instant search beta for Android / iPhone, let us know your first impressions in the comments section below.

Source: GoogleBlog

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  • jerry todd

    why's it gotta be "black" ops? I'm cryin racism

  • Mark Bridgford

    Nice touch, its smoke’n fast on my Droid Incredeble. Would be nice if it would advance once you type in more of what you are searching for. For example, if I type in quotes by Thomas Jefferson, the page comes up with different results with quotes but you have to type in the whole thing to get what you want. Yes I just use voice search most of the time but it doesn’t always recognize a word so you have to type it in.

  • S. Williams

    Love it!