Goldeneye Wii: Review Roundup

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 4, 2010

James Bond is a pretty cool guy and not all games based on 007 have carried the love to gaming systems, so the reviews of Goldeneye for Nintendo Wii matter to fans of the franchise. The 2010 version of GoldenEye 007 was released in the U.S. this week and will be in Europe tomorrow.

We wanted to give our readers a review roundup for Goldeneye on the Wii, which includes detailed reviews from some of the best gaming sites. First up is IGN, a well-known site that gives Goldeneye (Wii) an outstanding 9/10 and concludes that the game is more than a cash-in for Activision, saying its one of the best games of the year for Wii. Read IGN’s full review.

Game Spy found a few bugs during their review but still states that GoldenEye is one of the Wii’s better first-person shooters. They recommend that you get your controls sorted first, read their full review.

Joystiq rates their games out of five stars, and gave Goldeneye on the Wii four stars. The reviewer also pointed to the control system problems, and said that many options will let a gamer find one that’s best for them. The online multiplayer mode was welcomed for the Wii, and certainly brings the game up-to-date. Read Joystiq’s review.

Have a read of the three detailed reviews above, and let us know if you agree with their opinions. The “Conflict Mode Video” may have been disappointing for GoldenEye 007, but it now seems that the game is a hit and the control system should be your first focus. Will you be buying Goldeneye on the Nintendo Wii?

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  • Jared

    I agree, the lack of weapon pick up in multiplayer was a huge turn off for me, sure it may seem dated these days, but that's what made it great.

  • Gamelover

    This game is amazing. Play splitscreen not the campaign!

  • Oldskool

    love it but they should have kept the system where you pick up ammo and weapons off the ground in multi-player that was crucial to many goldeneye strategies

  • Sadi

    the online gameplay is amazing. definitely one of the better online games.

  • Joe

    I'm a little way in, and so far it's a blast.

  • ToaDy

    Should be in my mailbox today…. 🙂

  • jman

    already bought it it is amazing