Extreme Transportation: Futuristic Concept Cars

Whenever we think of extreme transportation loads of things goes through our minds, but for me all I think about is those cool looking futuristic concept cars – the ones that never make it off the drawing board. There are some designs that actually come away from the drawing board and developed into a working model.

Those are still nice, but it I love the ones that look as though they are 50 years or so into the future. The website diseno-art has a full list of concept vehicles from different brands, such as BMW, Audi, Nissan, Toyota and more. So let us take a look at a couple.

One vehicle that jumped out at me was the Mitsubishi MMR525. This design was entered into a design competition to come up with a motorsport vehicle for 2025. Take a look for yourself below, not exactly like anything you have ever seen before; more details here.

Having searched through all the extreme concept vehicles I would have to say that the Audi Makaon Speedsailor is my favorite. The vehicle was designed in the hope of being produced by 2040 – not certain if that will happen? The best part about the Speedsailor is how it would use both sun and wind energy – that will keep tree-huggers happy. Get more details on this here.

These are just two, for a complete list of awesome concept vehicles visit diseno-art.



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