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Current Mortgage Rates – iOS App For Interest Rates

Watching the monthly home budget has never been so important, and this is also why more and more people are interested in saving money and watch current interest rates. Following the banking nightmare and recession, mobile users want to keep up-to-date with current mortgage rates while on the move.

There are a few solutions to this problem and one of our favorites is using apps for devices like the iPhone and Android. One app that has had good feedback from its users is called “Mortgage Rates & Credit Card Rates” by, and can be downloaded to iPhone/iPod and iPad devices.

The iOS app will let you access credit card and mortgage rates for today, and gives you information on Rate Lock Periods for all 50 States, Monthly Payments, APR’s, and more. It’s free to download via Apple iTunes and is currently at version 1.5.

You can also read some feedback on that page, which users are claiming the app has saved them thousands, and that it is one of the few that “ACTUALLY provides Current Rates”. At the time of writing the application was last updated Oct 08 with more features.

Have you used this app? If so, share your thoughts.


  • Our company developed this app to complement our website.

    Our goal to make current rates easily available wherever you may be.

    Coming very soon will be a version specifically designed to take advantage of the larger screen of an iPad. After will be our Android version. Below is some info about our current iPhone version.

    Easy to use, simple interface. App does not require or collect personal private information. Excellent use of iPhone technology. One of only two apps that provides direct access to lenders’ web sites. Sorting ability is unique to the app.

    Interface use to take you directly to rates before opening your Settings options. That has been fixed in 1.5

    Quickest way to get Current Mortgage Rates offered in your states from an iPhone.


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