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COD Black Ops: Zombie Trailer Incoming at Launch Event?

Some of you may not be aware of this, but the Treyarch team are actually planning a special Call of Duty: Black Ops event on Thursday 4th November. We’ve seen reveals for the single player and multiplayer, but will we finally get to see an official launch trailer for zombies?

It’s no secret that Treyarch likes putting out launch trailers for their zombie maps, which is why everyone is expecting them to do the same for Black Ops.

Another reason why a trailer is necessary, is to explain what happened to Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen and Takeo after World at War, since we can tell you that they’ll be making a return in the first Black Ops zombie map called Kino Der Toten. If you haven’t seen any gameplay videos from that map, the very first moment you spawn, you’ll see that the team arrives via teleporter, meaning that they made it out alive from Der Riese.

As reported from VG247, Treyarch’s Black Ops launch event will be taking place in Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8 facility, and Activision has even managed to secure the services of legendary rockers Metallica for the event. With less than a week to go though, I’m ready to see an official trailer for zombies.

What about you?


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