CoD Black Ops: What Perks Will You Use?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 4, 2010

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops ever so close, we had a little think bubble fly over our heads and wondered, what perks will I use when Black Ops finally comes out?

For those of you who don’t know what perks are, then it’s pretty simple. As you progress through the game, you are given ‘perks,’ which are an addition to the game that allow you to customize the way your class plays. It’s kinda like having a customized skill point that gives you an advantage over other players who chose different perks in that slot. A player or class only ever gets 3 perks maximum. In each slot, you get a choice of 5 separate perks, each with its own ‘pro’ version of that perk.

Perk Slot #1 – The perks in slot 1 are Lightweight, Scavenger, Ghost, Flak Jacket and Hardline, each with a pro version added to them.

Perk Slot #2 – The perks in slot 2 are Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand and Warlord, again with pro versions of the said perk.

Perk Slot #3 – The perks in slot 3 are Tactical Mask, Marathon, Ninja, Second Chance, Hacker. Yes, you guessed it, all have a pro perk aswell.

To see what each of these perks do, check out the source below and then come back to tell us what perk setup you will use when you get your hands on Black Ops. I think i’ll go for Ghost / Ghost Pro, Warlord / Warlord Pro, and Ninja / Ninja Pro — but I would also like to try out Hacker / Hacker Pro as the pro abilities sound great.


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  • landis

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  • landis

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  • coner sortmen

    cod is my game

  • connor sortman


  • Freakz

    flakjacket, scavenger, hardline, sleight of hand, hacker 🙂

  • toxic

    Scavenger, Warlord, and Ninja

  • remodeath666

    ghost slight of hand ninja add me xbox live remodeath666

  • Benji

    Submachine Gun of choice
    Ballistic Knife

    Scavenger, Hardened, Hacker
    Decoy Grenade
    Motion Sensor

    Ammo for sub machine guns,
    FMJ for taking out enemy devices through walls/More Damage to aircraft to take out UAVs,
    Hacker for Sitrep/Device hacking.

    Scavenger pro to replenish Decoy Nades…..

    Slowly patrol an area, if enemies see you, pop a motion sensor, and then take cover, take them out…

    If not, pop a sensor, throw a decoy, follow+stab/shoot.

  • Grubby Man

    I'll use your bald ass momma…..

  • Trevor2755

    Lightweight or scavenger, sleight of hand, ninja

  • c4mitch

    Scavenger, Warlord, Tactical Mask

  • Chris :):):)

    Ghost, warlord, hacker :):):)

    • joseph

      hey how do u use hacker pro hit me back at jwjob10 at yahoo

  • ryan

    flak jacket, hardened and second chance…

    haha the noobiest class ever

    • DexPrime

      lmao yea that is! i bet you be using that! 😛

  • GJ484

    Gosht, Warloard, Marathon

  • Steve

    Flack Jacket, Steady Aim, Tacktical Mask

  • GOD

    lightweight, sleight of hand, ninja ;O

  • taran

    Lightweight, Sleight of hand, Marathonn

  • :)))

    Scavenger, Sleight, Ninja