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COD Black Ops Cheapest Deals: Sainsburys and Morrisons

The last Call of Duty price war was an impressive one with Modern Warfare 2 seeing a massive price cut, and Sainsburys selling the title for only £26. The cheapest COD Black Ops deals started to show their face a few days ago with the lowest at £30, but this was short on last year’s deals.

Today we have started to hear rumors of Sainsburys and Morrisons selling COD Black Ops for just £25, which is being reported via CVG and on the forums. If you buy Black Ops with any other chart title at GAME stores, then you can get the latest COD game for just £24.99.

HMV may have the cheapest price at £7.99 but that’s with a Medal of Honor trade-in, so it looks like the best standalone deal will be from Morrison’s or Sainsbury’s, but this is yet to be confirmed officially.

The current rumors are reported as “word of mouth” and apparently from employees. When official confirmation is given we will update you. What’s the cheapest price you have seen COD Black Ops for as a standalone sale?


  • Mr Bell End

    if its true tht black ops is £27 at sainsbury's ill get my mum to get it on the 10th, hopefully my exams wont be affected

  • angry customer

    Morrisons refused me for buying 2 copies so couldn’t get them

  • aaa

    where at

  • £29.99 @ Best Buy

  • peter a

    are sainsbury's opening at midnight to sell black ops????

    • EasyE

      Yes most stores wil be!

  • jack

    how much is morrisons going to sell the game at?

  • JAG128

    what happens if I want 2 copies of the game ?

    • Mansaneda

      well that would just be silly wouldnt it

  • mat

    asda 36.97

  • Guest1

    I also work for commercial in Sainsburys and can confirm that the price will be £27.97 when you spend £30 or more in-store (excl phone top ups / fuel / stamps etc *full list published at Customer Services)

    • Rich

      Does this mean the game is considered part of the £30 spent or is it £30 and then the game at £27.97

      • EasyE

        No the £30 spend is not including the price of the game im afraid!

  • EasyE

    Sainsburys will be selling black ops for 27.97 when you spend over £30 instore! I work in the commercial department and this is confirmed!

    • Matthew

      yeah its true no ones selling it for 30 on its own

  • AJ94

    hopee its truuu (Y)


    Good stuff

  • person



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