Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode Changes In Japanese Version

By Jamie Pert - Nov 4, 2010

As you will know, CoD Black Ops will be hitting stores in about a weeks time, and we are expected to get everything that has been leaked so far in the game, but what about Japanese players? It looks as though their version will be edited to to comply with their gaming rules.

Germany will also be on the receiving end of some minor tweaks to the game, but according to a report at Fragland, Square-Enix who are in charge of the distribution for Call of Duty: Black Ops will be making some sweeping changes across the board.

Changes you are expected to see are can be read in the the full announcement below.

Today Square Enix announced that the localized Japanese version will have a few elements removed. Specifically, all swastikas in zombie mode will be replaced with the Iron Cross in the Windows and dubbed home console versions of the game. Only in the subtitled console editions will the Nazi symbol remain intact.

This announcement follows news from a few weeks earlier when Square Enix revealed that, in order to comply with prohibitions established by the CERO ratings board, all scenes of dismemberment and “expressions of brutality” in one particular interrogation scene would be removed. These cuts apply to all Japanese versions of the game.

What do you make of the Zombie changes?

Source: Fragland

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