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AT&T Vs T-Mobile: AT&T Fights Back on 4G HSPA+ Claims

Following on from the rather funny video that T-Mobile released yesterday which bashed both AT&T and Apple, AT&T has now countered T-Mobile’s bold claims that they are now the ”biggest 4G network in America”.

As reported from BGR, T-Mobile had previously claimed that their HSPA+ network, which they are calling ‘4G’, is the fastest in the US – check out the video again here if you missed it.

AT&T has now gone on record to say that their HSPA+ network is actually bigger than T-Mobile’s, and to take a swipe at them further, they add that their network will still be the biggest even when T-Mobile has finished with their HSPA+ network upgrades.

As for T-Mobile’s 21Mbps HSPA+ speed promises, AT&T states that their speeds are ”just as fast” as T-Mobile speeds and that they also have a ‘theoretical’ speed limit of 21Mbps.

Some interesting comments there for sure. Looks like T-Mobile touched a few nerves with that video yesterday. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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