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Apple iBrick iPhone 3G / 3GS Lawsuit: List Of Complaints

From the moment that iPhone 3G and 3GS owners updated to iOS 4 they experienced a number of problems. The two main issues were how slow things were, as well as locking up; we were told that iOS 4.1 would help solve this, but although things improved a little – they were not enough to keep owners happy.

Apple is now involved in a class action lawsuit, where they have been accused of crippling both the 3G and 3GS – now known as iBrick – intentionally with the iOS 4 update. The lawsuit claims that Apple did this to force them to upgrade to the new iPhone 4.

According to a report from The Mac Observer, one of the claims states that the previous iPhones are “little more use than that of a paper weight.” The lawsuit also claims that Apple knew this, but still did this in order to increase sales of their new fourth-generation iPhone.

What made the matter worse was the fact that 3G and 3GS owners are unable to restore to the older version of iPhone OS. This is a tough one for Apple, one that they need to handle carefully in order to keep their customers happy.

What do you think Apple should do?


  • Jared

    I have the 3G and was wondering whether it was just my phone that has slowed down and is not working like it used to. It got so frustrating that I decided to do some research on the internet, which is when I came across this article about the Ibrick law suit. Its good to see that I am not alone in this issue and action has been taken. I used to love the Iphone, but recently the service from AT&T and the phone issues are so severe, it makes me want to hurl the thing against a brick wall.

  • Jay

    Apple has deliberately cheated their customers – not they way to maintain a leading reputation. I'll never trust them again.

  • Matt M 15 year tech

    I updated to 4.0 and it slowed everything by half. I was able to restore bit still does not run like it used to at all. I gave it to my wife and got the new one. Apple should fix the issue or they should replace the phone. That’s just good business.

  • ken

    lucky for me, none of my phones got bricked.. but if Apple knew that the phones would brick, then they should be responsible.. otherwise, who knows what they'd do next ? come out with iOS5.0 that would brick everything so we must upgrade to iPhone 5 ???

    • Justin

      They aren’t using the term as you would use the term. These devices aren’t bricked like unusable just bricked as in paper weight a mentioned earlier in the article. They are saying the new updates make the phone slower and people can’t turn back updates. If apple aloud this there devices wold work like they had. Open up a little Apple! At least let a trade/upgrade happen!?

      • mobieus

        steve 'jackass' jobs wont get near ALLOWing device trade ups. just think how that would affect their profit margin. let alone the fact they would have to stop saying their phones sales are still leading the pack. oh wait, it isn't any more…


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