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Windows Phone 7: Easier to use than iPhone, Android and BlackBerry?

We have an interesting article for you to read now, as it has been reported that Microsoft has come out and said that their Windows Phone 7 mobile OS is easier to use than the likes of the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

According to this report from ComputerWorld, Microsoft has stated that their mobile platform is more efficient than it’s rivals, as Windows Phone 7 will allow users to perform day to day tasks on their smartphone using 20% fewer operations.

It is a bold statement to make, but an unsurprising one nevertheless since Microsoft are trying to put their foot in the smartphone market with the release of 10 WP7 devices from the likes of HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG.

ComputerWorld add that Microsoft’s claims continue with the fact that placing Bing search on a dedicated hardware button also helps their smartphones to become more efficient – but what actually defines smartphone efficiency?

If you’re talking about checking emails, messages, photos and videos, then Microsoft can’t really say that they are more efficient in performing these tasks better than the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices – without having solid proof of course.

What do you make of these claims by Microsoft? Have you had the chance to go hands-on with WP7 yet? – Do you think the UI is easy to use?



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