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T-Mobile G2: WiFi Calling Update – Do you have it?

We have some good news for T-Mobile G2 owners now, as today is the day when your precious handset gets an OTA update, which will add support for making calls over a WiFi connection.

As reported from Phandroid, a leaked T-Mobile document has been obtained by the guys over at TMoNews, and it reveals that the OTA update is due to start rolling out today, November 3rd.

You may not get it straight away though, as the document also states that the rollout process will continue gradually up until Monday 8th November. Aside from being able to make free calls over WiFi, the OTA update will also allow you to enjoy free tethering over a WiFi hotspot, although this feature may not stay ‘free’ forever.

For those of you who have a G2, let us know if you have received the OTA update notification yet.


  • Noah

    Both the WiFi calling and tethering features are easy to setup and use, but they are definitely NOT FREE.

    Upon activating WiFi calling, you get a message in the notification bar that says, "WiFi calling uses plan minutes." Question 6 in the "Top Questions" or FAQs ( Will calls or SMS/MMS over Wi-Fi be charged differently than m cellular calls?" is answered as follows:
    "The primary benefit of Wi-Fi calling is to increase your coverage in locations with Wi-Fi. Calls and messages made over Wi-Fi will be charged like cellular calls."

    Not sure how I feel about being charged by T-Mo for letting them use a WiFi network I own so that it can deliver a service it's already supposed to be delivering. In any case, it may be a good thing for folks with spotty coverage, but not a cost savings for the rest of us.

    • Jive Turkey

      How do you use the Wi-Fi calling? I just got the updat and I can’t find it 🙁

      • izy

        it comes in as an app. additionally i agree with noah i dont know how i feel about it however since i live in a concrete dorm building i dont get cell coverage so i am happy to be able to make calls from inside my room again.

    • J

      You guys don’t have an unlimited plan?

  • Habit

    Yup, just got it about 3 hours ago – tethering and all!!


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