Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Release Date and Super-Amoled

By Peter Chubb - Nov 3, 2010

The first-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab has only been available for a few days in select countries, so comes as a huge surprise that Sammy is already talking about the Tab 2. It was assumed that the current model would come with a Super AMOLED panel, but this did not happen.

However, we can tell you that this display will be used on the Galaxy Tab 2, which OLED-Display learned from etnews. That’s not all; we also have a possible release date. The new 7-inch version is expected to go on sale in June 2011 – that’s just 7 months away.

We know that is a long time, but there will be consumers asking if they should commit to the current Tab, when they know that it will be out of date in way under a year? This has been a constant issue with Android devices, you go to bed one night, next day you wake up and your device is out of date, as a new model has been released.

OK, so I know that it is not that bad, but you get what I mean? We do not have any more details on the Galaxy Tab 2, but I am sure that Samsung will feed us information as and when they see fit.

Will you wait 7 months for the second-gen Galaxy Tab, or just purchase the current model now?

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  • Connor

    I went to the T-mobile store today and said it was coming out on February 1st in 30min! They showed me what it looked Like when I came in the T-mobile store earlier today it was awesome!!!!

  • Ghost_Guest

    it'll cost YOU about 44,000 Phil peso

  • judaz_wang

    i'm from philippines & i have not seen the galaxy tab yet… then here comes another galaxy tab 2… how much would it cost then if the fist tab costs 32,000 pesos? 1 US$ = 55 Phil Peso…

  • idlE

    this device comes with no screen, but it comes with windows and i think its 8 not 7 and have a big but small keyboard with little noisy mouse in the front of up down menu of the left cursor of the right hop in its flag especially if you used your fingers.. calls can't be done without using mic and can't be understood without language to be understood and the camera is working well without the flash of the upper side of the trash with its possible dango! yeah i don't speak english idiot!

  • BOF

    Color screen. No cord. It has a battery that is rechargable.

  • compGuy

    does this device run on electricty of some sort and how long is the power cord for going moble?

  • Guest

    where am I?

  • Ruchi

    if it has, is it a color screen? is it CRT or TFT? and can a person lift this device? will it be too heavy while moving house?

  • Guest.

    Does it have a screen?

  • Guest

    Damn… you guys who are asking about current Galaxy Tab's camera and making calls makes you sound like a total idiot. Just go to and see for yourself what a Galaxy Tab can do. That saves your time and other people's time here.

    Stop those meaningless basics questions.

  • Is there any possible way to receive and make calls on it?

    • Adam

      Yes – headphones and a call plan are needed though,,

  • Joe

    Does the current Galaxy Tab have a camera?

    • Mavjohn

      Yeh it does, its only a 3.2 megapixel but its not bad with its picture quality.

  • Joe

    I also agree. I buy what is going to work for me then give it a few updates before thinking seriously about moving in.

    The machine wants you to get all up in a wad about every new mod or update.

    If you actually NEED the new options then for sure get he new item, however getting caught up in the marketing blitz is all BS for those with real sanity!

    I have a new Galaxy Tab (version 1) and love it!!! Could it be improved in some areas?
    Oh yes, for sure… mostly the multitasking of Android opening several webpages at once… the pages NEVER open in the background and you have this ordeal to get them once you go to them. Just a very serious hassle, however not worth a new machine… yet! LOL

  • Guest

    I agree with both Mike and Weaver — technological leadership is ephemeral and specsmanship is only useful for equally short-lived bragging rights. Tablets with the Samsung Orion chipset and a Super AMOLED display should have a little longer shelf life, particularly if future iterations of the Android OS continue to incorporate performance improvements.

    • masood

      I love the fact that it is 4G capable. However, I am concerned about the battery tme because of the screen used.

  • Mike

    Yeah, people into their tech know that it's not cutting-edge after a couple of months.

    I try and do a 12 month refresh… knowing it'll be the best for 2 months, very good for a further 6, and still reasonable (but looking for something new) after another 6.

  • Zach

    I will buy the 2.

  • Weaver

    getting 1st gen. the galaxy tab 2 will be outdated quickly as well… pick something, enjoy it for a while, and stop worrying abotu the joneses