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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Release Date and Super-Amoled

The first-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab has only been available for a few days in select countries, so comes as a huge surprise that Sammy is already talking about the Tab 2. It was assumed that the current model would come with a Super AMOLED panel, but this did not happen.

However, we can tell you that this display will be used on the Galaxy Tab 2, which OLED-Display learned from etnews. That’s not all; we also have a possible release date. The new 7-inch version is expected to go on sale in June 2011 – that’s just 7 months away.

We know that is a long time, but there will be consumers asking if they should commit to the current Tab, when they know that it will be out of date in way under a year? This has been a constant issue with Android devices, you go to bed one night, next day you wake up and your device is out of date, as a new model has been released.

OK, so I know that it is not that bad, but you get what I mean? We do not have any more details on the Galaxy Tab 2, but I am sure that Samsung will feed us information as and when they see fit.

Will you wait 7 months for the second-gen Galaxy Tab, or just purchase the current model now?



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