Prop 19 Results: Social Media Responds

By Peter Chubb - Nov 3, 2010

We have discussed in the past how social media has become an important tool for politics, not only for the politician, but voters as well. So it comes as no surprise that Prop 19 results has had a huge response on Twitter and Facebook.

Proposition 19 has been discussed to death on Facebook, but there are those who will feel deflated that it did not pass. However, discussions on Twitter have been intensive. We know that this is a controversial subject, but that has not stopped the tweets coming in.

This is the great thing about social media; people now have a much larger voice – even if they are shouting at a brick wall. Some of the reactions on Twitter over the results of Prop 19 seem to be following a pattern; they are not happy.

You have to love how technology has moved on, before when you had to vote, some voters had no idea where their polling stations were. However, the likes of Google Maps, and a number of smartphone apps gave you all the information you need to find your place to vote.

What other improvements can be made to social media when it comes to voting and general politics?

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