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PlayStation Move Vs Xbox Kinect Sales: Stock Allocation Issues

Microsoft has been trying to prove to us and themselves how popular their Kinect for the Xbox 360 is, but they cannot hide the fact that sales pre-orders have not been as good as they like us to believe. We have learned that the PlayStation Move from PlayStation sold more units by a huge margin compared to Kinect pre-sales.

According to Dave Gibbon from IncGamers, the reason why we all thought that stores were selling out of the Kinect was all down to stock allocation. It seems as though Microsoft has not made enough units available to retailers, meaning numbers were low to start.

This is a shame, the fact that Sony made more than enough devices available from the start and Microsoft did not means that this was could have been done for a reason. This could have been down to not being able to build enough units, which is highly unlikely?

However, I have a theory that they only made a limited stock available and see if they could follow the success of the Nintendo Wii, as they also did the same to make the device more desirable.

Why do you think that Microsoft has only made a limited about of Kinect devices available? Which of the two devices would you rather, Move or Kinect?



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