PlayStation Move Vs Xbox Kinect Sales: Stock Allocation Issues

By Peter Chubb - Nov 3, 2010

Microsoft has been trying to prove to us and themselves how popular their Kinect for the Xbox 360 is, but they cannot hide the fact that sales pre-orders have not been as good as they like us to believe. We have learned that the PlayStation Move from PlayStation sold more units by a huge margin compared to Kinect pre-sales.

According to Dave Gibbon from IncGamers, the reason why we all thought that stores were selling out of the Kinect was all down to stock allocation. It seems as though Microsoft has not made enough units available to retailers, meaning numbers were low to start.

This is a shame, the fact that Sony made more than enough devices available from the start and Microsoft did not means that this was could have been done for a reason. This could have been down to not being able to build enough units, which is highly unlikely?

However, I have a theory that they only made a limited stock available and see if they could follow the success of the Nintendo Wii, as they also did the same to make the device more desirable.

Why do you think that Microsoft has only made a limited about of Kinect devices available? Which of the two devices would you rather, Move or Kinect?

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  • mikesn29

    This author loves his apple and gmail account… MS haters on board!

  • Robert Young

    Wow Pretty Chubby, oh sorry for my bad spelling, peter chubb. I think you should eat your words now, huh? Kinect is on the guiness book of world records. I suppose MS paid guiness, right? Now, what magic ball will this come from? 10 million copies sold, what will you say now? MS invented this figure – that guiness confirmed? You should go s..k sony's d..k……..

  • ukfc

    Dont usually comment on stuff like this, however after Nathan Six idiot comment:
    'I know that because the Xbox 360 doesn't have a single exclusive game available for it '
    i felt compelled. So just a few exclusives here for nathans sake:
    Alan Wake, Chromehounds, C&C, Left4dead 1&2, Viva Pinata, Splinter Cell Conviction, oh and u may have heard of Fable 2&3, or even Halo? Could add more, can't be bothered though.

  • Unkown

    This is dumb it says moves sales to kinect presales (preordered) I didnt pre order and i got it the day it came out.

  • Anjiro

    Nathan… 2 years old little girl ? O_o

  • Thomas

    I could see why people think because the reason why the Kinect sold out is because there's a limited amount of them. If people remembered when the Xbox 360 Slim came out, people wanted it (especially the 250GB), including me. However, it took almost a month for stores to receive more.

  • dazzoboy

    im pretty sure kinect will do better than move because move is just a rip off of the wii but costs double the amount for better graphics yet kinect has been built as a new approach to gaming which most people will enjoy its gone on sale today and has already sold out in shops worldwide but PSMove never sold out in any store see the difference whoever wrote this must be a sony fan or sumit coz its crap

  • guest

    I teach at a highschool and brought in the Kinect for kids to try…even fanboy Sony fans were having a blast. Comparing the two devices does not make sense, for they are completely different. Sony's controller is what people were hoping to get from Nintendo upon their Wii release, but it's limited to 3d space and arm movements and will work well with games that require that. Kinect offers the opportunity for developers to allow full body movements over 3d space and I'm sure we'll see some great titles never possible before with this truly revolutionary device. Just to add: I own all consoles and am not a fanboy of any, but am very impressed with Kinect…$150 that provides 2 players at a time independently in 3d space, plus no batteries, or dropping controllers…buy the goodies needed for the Move to work with both arms for 2 people and it's much more than $150 bucks for Kinect.
    I am assuming that those that are pounding on Kinect have actually never tried the unit….
    Pertaining to sales…initial sales mean squat, this new peripheral was only released last Thursday. PS3s started out selling slow, now look at them.


  • Leonidas

    Move is joke. I already have a woo Sony. I also don’t want to carry around a dumb looking lollipop. Bye bye atari – I mean Sony.

  • Joe

    Why do people keep saying its expensive when at the same time theyve bought rock band at the same price. Kinect will have more games and its actually worth the price for what it does. Meanwhile rockband is just one damn game, dont even get me started on their new guitar that by itself is worth 150.

    Cheapstakes, what kind of guy likes playing with anything that resembles a magic wand anyways.

  • DsMOutKast

    My friend got the Kincet lastnight and there was 6 hardcore gamers playing the dumbest games on it but we were laughing so damn hard and haveing a blast playing tho dumb games so its well worth the money spent.

    P.S. i take pictures of you playing and save they to share with others and damn did we look dumb! loved it

  • Condor1970

    I bought a kinect and fell for the over hype i wish i didnt now even tho the device is just ok the games are TERRIBLE. Microsoft really do suck at over hype

  • TurdFerguson

    "I know that because the Xbox 360 doesn't have a single exclusive game available for it " -Nathan Six

    …Halo anybody?

    • dazzoboy

      and gears of war at one point sony copied us for bioshock coz it was so good along with dead rising too oh crackdown an xbox 360 only game and gears of war too :O shocking how many exclusive games they don't have :O

  • Joe

    I think Nathan has to realize that he is in the same soup with the crying fan boys and girls. I think you should spend more time researching Nathan. Ignorance is a crime!!!!

  • Shawn2

    Funny, one fanboy telling other fanboys to get a life, how ironic.

  • Nathan Six

    LMFAO. Look at the crybaby 360 fangirls on here making idiots out of themselves.

    I know that because the Xbox 360 doesn’t have a single exclusive game available for it that you idiots don’t have anything better to do with your time than type nonsense on the internet all day but this is just getting pathetic.

    Why don’t you go take a walk or make some friends or something? Instead of crying on the internet like a pansy – ass moron who can’t handle the truth. Kinect’s pre – orders suck because Kinect is a crap product for a crap console manufactured by a company that has a history of releasing shoddy hardware.

    If you idiots want to keep making fools out of yourselves then go ahead. Your pathetic fanboy crying won’t change the facts. Kinects is selling like crap, the Xbox 360 has crap graphics and all of it’s games are utter b******* when compared to PS3 titles like Uncharted 2. All of your tears won’t change that from being true so just give it up and get a life.

    • Harry

      Wow, you are doing the same thing you're condemning. Gears of War 1&2, Halo 3, Reach, Forza, Dead or Alive, Fable, Project Gotham Racing, Crackdown 1&2 vs. God of War 3, Socom Confrontation, Gran Turismo, Uncharted 1&2, Infamous. Sounds pretty even to me! I own both systems, and I find the new peripherals (Kinect/Move) are ways for the companies to get families and casual gamers into the market(the Wii effect). I bought the Kinect today, because I'm wealthy enough to assume the cost and wanted it for the user interface. I doubt I'll ever play any of the games. Being able to scroll through the menu's and verbally tell my XBOX what I want it to do is pretty cool. The Move still requires me to hold something in my hand, and doesn't feature voice recognition(I wish it did!). Play what you like and buy what you want. I prefer to own them all. I'm a 70's kid and video games are in my blood, not any specific system/company. Supporting all of the new technologies will only advance the industry. Competition drives innovation and imagination. I would prefer that both companies do well, so all of us get the benefit of better gaming.

      • kamaal

        sonys working on the voice recognition.

    • dazzoboy

      having got both consoles i can say that i personally prefer the xbox 360 exclusive games (the ones you are saying don't exist) like crackdown, i mean your saying microsoft make bad games but take a look at killzone the first was crap but they made a second game and made it even worse and now they are heading for a 3rd which will be even worse than both of them put together i used to be a huge fan of sony but the ps3 killed them i mean the layout of it is just great and the fact they have blue ray is so much better but ps3 only games just don't work for me with the addition of uncharted and littlebigplanet but i have played many xbox 360 only games and have found myself completing them several times in a week

      • dazzoboy

        and plus if we were gonna go by which is better for games than its the pc handsdown everyone knows the best games are pc based like the sims and sid meirs civilization but not having a powerful enough pc myself i play the xbox and ive had mine 3 years

        i can't say anything about kinect coz i ain't got it yet getting it tomorrow and prob won't play it much coz misfits is on but from what i been told its one of the best things they have made and thats by someone who played it months ago (he works in a gaming shop and got sent to test it instead of the manager)

    • jesse

      Now that's irony. The Xbox 360 has plenty of exclusives. I would venture to say it has more top rated exclusives than PS3. Also, Nathans' mom is probably to cheap to buy him any other console. Sorry Nathan you only get one.

      By the way I have have a PS3 and only played Uncharted 2 for like 5 hours and beat it. I haven't touched it since. Xbox 360 leads in sales for a reason and give it some time dude. You suck at life.

  • Ralph

    A consumer report based on a single source, a conspiracy theory and what could have been for an unreleased product. Instead of admitting the logical flaws, the writer amended the article like a CIA document to reinforce his biased opinion when under fire from the readers.

    The perfect moment to say, "Blog it?"

  • Randall

    Kinect has been a smokescreen from day one, why would that change now?

    It's going to fail. Maybe the initial surge of fanboys buying it will give it a "successful" launch, but I guarantee software sales will be stagnant in less than a year.

    Move has far more versatility, cheaper games, and doesn't restrict you to two players only. It's a better deal, and the fact it's selling like crazy is a testament to that.

    Lets see Microsoft sell those 3 million Kinects by year end as they promised then…

    • Playstaion sucks

      Well first Kinect is a one per house hold device. With Playstation you have to buy more then one controller. So Move will sell more maybe. I bet Kinect will sell more units then Move.

    • BJsWorld

      Nice job genius. Care to revise your post? Joystiq is reporting that Microsoft has moved 2.5m units in the first 25 days. At this rate they will be over 5m units by Christmas. Not saying they will hit 5m but that number seems fairly reasonable given the current sales surge.

      If anything, Kinect is only getting more popular as people actually use it.

      Finally, explain to me how the PS3 has cheaper games? Pretty sure standard PS3 games start at $60 … just like the XBox. Exception being for Kinect games which actually clock in at $50.

      I'll be willing to bet you that Kinect outsells Move by a huge margin when all the numbers are crunched.

    • Twisted

      You got owned. They sold 8 million units in 60 days. Don't drop out of school and become a market analyst anytime soon.

  • PlayStation Move!

  • My walmart got 24 Kinects and 16 Xbox 360 4gig Kinect bundles… if you times that buy what 3000 and you get a general launch number for Walmart… We'll get in more tonight… two trucks… but finding the average of all the stores… I guess I could take a look when I get in today and see if I get get a general idea of what stores are getting

  • plmko

    Well at least in the world the Move will remain a success, in the US, the Move is less than spectacular.

  • LobbycastGeoff

    Along with the points made above, there is the whole thing where you only need one Kinect, whereas you would need to buy one move controller and one nav controller per person. Of course Sony is going to sell more units. Kinect is more of a "one per household" device, not one per person.

  • Eric

    Wow, a realy bad article. OK, we ALL know that the Kinect hasn't had it's release date yet. Except the author of this article. Now, what we shoud focus on is when he says that the Move sold more, is he including the Move itself, or is he including all the extra controllers that have to be purchased to play. I have a Wii and a 360, and I think Microsoft did the best thing by making their Kinect controller free. I don't know how good it will be yet, nor does this autor, who if he is paid for writing needs to give the money back, but I have high hopes for it. From all the reviews I have read about the Move, it isn't doing to well (sales and expected performance).

  • So let me get this str8, some obsure no name retail joint with only "400,000 customers" says they didnt get a lot of a hugely popular new product in stock, and you jump to everyone who has sold out of the preorders of this product, have done so because they too were purposely shorted on supply? WTF!

    Did it occur to you that MS is being very conservative with promising units to tiny retailers for fear that will have trouble meeting demand at the bigger retailers like BestBuy, Amazon and Walmart? Again WTF!!! How much did Sony pay you sleaze buckets, geez this is disgusting.

  • Jim

    Stop your biased opinion. They don't have a magic button to make any number of kinects they want.

    BTW Kinect available for preorder on microsoft online store at for $149.99

    It's also in and out of stock at amazon @

  • Paul

    Seems like this blog is from Back to the future…lol…let the product launch dude.

  • john

    Talk about biased media.. The product hasn't even been released yet, nor have any pre-sales numbers been released.. Check your sources and casual readers should avoid this site for any future "information".

  • VirusType2

    Did you even graduate high school yet?

    1) The Kinect hasn’t even been released as of yet!

    2) The Move has been available for a while.

    Of course it’s sold more – the Kinect isn’t available at this time.

    Four related Playstation articles and no other console articles? Blind fanboy website.

  • Jack

    This is probably the worst article ever written. Unless I'm missing something this article has "jumped the gun" and reported on something that hasn't even happened yet. Peter Chubb, I hope you realize real reporting does not come from the future.

  • guest

    Was this post written by a robot? Kinect hasn't even gone on sale yet. Doesn't go on sale till Thursday.

  • jester14

    Oh Microsoft, you finally have realized the quality of the product you've been selling. As for the question, I suppose I would go with the Move if I had to choose: even though it is a ripoff at least it works well with the games it has

  • Klatu

    "We have learned that the PlayStation Move from PlayStation sold more units by a huge margin"
    Yeah, that makes sense as the Kinect ISNT EVEN ON THE MARKET YET! Kinect has sold ZERO to date, because it's not on the freakin' shelves! That's like saying "the playstation 4 is selling terribly at the moment." NO SH*T! How about we wait until it actually SELLS AT MARKET before you start quoting "imaginary" or "entirely presumptive/speculative" sales figures. MS will do fine regardless, because it can afford to fail or succeed in any case.

    • huh???

      He was obiously refering to the PREORDERS you dumbass! If you want to preorder KINECT you cant because stores did not order much…. this is typical and is not Microsofts fault… stores typicaly order a few devices when they are expensive and new to see the demand beforen ordering more…

    • jay

      wow stop S*CK*** bill gates D**K u re*ar*ed xbox fanboy piece of **** xbox will be OUT OF THE PICTURE SOON because dvd9 (pmsl) will no longer exist blu-ray taking over day by day just like vhs is out of the picture. oh and guess what sony own bluray so what is xbox gonna put there games on??????????? gonna stick to dvd9?? how lame graphics are gettin better everyday so u need more disc space wich dvd9 hasnt got sorry KLATU we'll be seeing u on psn in the future : )))))))) muuuuuuhhhaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Kyle

      He said pre-order figures dumb fuck, try reading.

  • alscot

    Wow. This is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read. Forget what the author is trying to say. The writing is bad. I know 4th graders who can put together more comprehensible thoughts.