New Slimline Bluetooth Headset Photo & Price

By Jamie Pert - Nov 3, 2010

The official Sony Bluetooth headset for the PS3 has not changed since its release, however now that we have the PS3 Slim it looks like we are getting a new slimmer and lighter official Bluetooth headset.

A photo which shows this new headset recently showed up on Kokatu, we have embedded this image at the end of this post side-by-side with old headset, I think you will agree the new look is much better.

From what we can see this headset will have the same $49.99 price tag as the current version, perhaps stores will reduce the price of the bulkier model soon to clear stock.

It will be interesting to hear whether this new model will offer more than 8 hours talk time from a single charge and whether it charges quicker, we will have to keep you posted when we come across official specs and a higher-resolution photo.

Do you like the look of the new headset?

Source: Kokatu

(New headset on the left).

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