New Facebook Mobile: Wish List Before Event?

With just a few hours to go until Facebook’s Mobile Event, speculation has begun to move up a gear. We already gave details on start times for different time zones, as well as live blog details, but did not cover what could be unveiled. So what is your wish list before the event?

The most wanted piece of news is a Facebook phone, and although Mark Zuckerberg has denied this, you cannot take that as gospel these days. If the social network giant does unveil a phone during today’s keynote, then it is expected to run on Google Android – what else?

Facebook could also announce details on how they plan to become more tightly involved with handsets, John P. Mello Jr. from PC World reports that Facebook is already doing that with ING Mobile. There is to be two new handsets, both will feature a number of social networking services.

Another wanted feature is with new Facebook apps; maybe we could see a dedicated one for the Apple iPad and Android handsets? There are a number of other possibilities, but the phone is the most wanted by users.

What is your wish list from the Facebook Mobile Event?



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