New Facebook App for Android: Changes Include Groups & Places

With the Facebook Mobile Event now over, we heard no word on a Facebook specific smartphone coming any time soon but what we did hear is that a new Android application update is now available on the Android Market that comes with Places and Group integration.

During the event, Facebook did admit that the Android app has been sitting quietly behind that of other clients. Therefore, we have been treated to a little update that now allows us to get involved with the recently implemented Places and Group additions as well as some improvements to notifications.

You can get all the information about the Facebook Mobile Event via Engadget, who have listed a timesheet of everything said by the Facebook team. You can also see some screenshots of the improved version by clicking here.

Have you tried the new Facebook app for Android yet? If not, head on over to your Android Market and download the update.

Source: Engadget


  • Kevin

    Theres also an update for iPhone 🙂


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