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Microsoft Kinect: 5million Sales Expected This Quarter

Tomorrow marks the official launch of Microsoft Kinect that is taking place in Times Square, and although it seems that not enough units have been allocated to different outlets and online stores, Microsoft still expect to hit the 5million mark this quarter when it comes to Kinect sales.

While speaking to Bloomberg News, Don Mattrick (Microsoft Interactive Entertainment President) says that due to the large number of pre-sales, retail orders and general consumer interest, they have raised their project sales forecast from 3million units to 5million.

Even if you are a Xbox 360 fanboy or not, almost doubling the sales forecast could end up coming back to haunt Microsoft if things don’t go as smoothly as they are hoping.

Microsoft might be pegging a lot of this from evidence gathered on sales figures for the Xbox 360 console that has gone from 2.1million units sold in the same time period last year to the 2.8million it has sold during the same period this year.

Whatever the case, Microsoft have always been confident about the popularity Kinect will bring to the masses, and this was confirmed back in September when they stated that Kinect would be “the biggest console launch ever.”

Do you think Microsoft’s sales forecast is about right, or just plain overboard? I’m sure time will tell.

Source: IGN


  • Jasen

    it will sell…it will have problems…they will scramble to fix them…it will work again…and have more problems…it will not have any good game and no longer be fun…it will continue to have problems…it will get put on the back burner…the warranty will not cover it…they will come out with something new to replace it…it will cost you more money that you have already wasted…it will collect dust…but yes it will sell and make a lot of money…


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