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Medal of Honor 2010: Low Review Scores Defended by EA

For those of you who paid particular attention to Medal of Honor‘s far from perfect review scores, we have more feedback from that as EA has decided to speak out on the review scores in their defence.

Our initial review roundup thread told you about some pretty good scores for the game, with IGN UK’s 6/10 being the only score which stood out amongst the rest.

Skip forward to today though, and EA CEO John Riccitello has recently issued a statement regarding the review scores, stating that the low scores were provided by a ‘narrow demographic of reviewers’. Here is more of his statement below:

“[Low scores} come from an excpetionally narrow demographic of reviewers which is offset by the amount of people buying the game. The game has exceeded our plans in both sell through and sell in, and has exceeded our expectations. So it is absolutley a clear success, and consumer feedback has been strong and its a franchise we can successfully continue in the future. ”

EA are under the impression (we agree) that scores generally in the mid-70s range are considered to be good, and we have actually read a lot of contrasting reviews praising the game.

After having a few weeks to sit down intensively with Medal of Honor, do you still stand by your initial positive/ negative feedback for the game? Let us know your thoughts on this one. There’s more from Riccitello over at VG247.


  • Shawn Deprey

    You know what, I am a long time veteran of MW2 and BC2, and, I can say that MoH is a game all in its own. Yes, the multi has many similarities to BC2, because it uses the same game engine, but, the gameplay is MUCH different. To all of you BLOPS figures out there, no, the gameplay IS NOT LIKE YOUR ARCADE SHOOTER. Medal of Honor truly pushes the realistic boundaries set in the market niche. It offers great game modes and decently sized maps; not to mention the obvious thought and detail which went into the design of each map.

    Again, THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE ARCADE SHOOTER. This game cannot fairly be compared to other games in the market. It is truly a game in itself.

  • Chamberlin

    It's irritating, buggy, it freezes often and doesn't come close to the CoD series in graphics, AI, story, etc. They seem to have endeavored to make it more "realistic" but it feels like you 're a child being led around by squad members who really don't want you there. (poorly defined and dumb characters, I might add. The one that looks like he's in ZZ Top is ridiculous) EA is right that it has sold a lot but that's only because gamers wanted a similar experience that they got from CoD, If this thing had been release along with CoD: Black Ops, it would have absolutely tanked, IMHO. Do not waste your money on it. Buy a used CoD instead…better yet, get Black Ops.

  • crom

    the multiplayer aspect of the game is what players thought that bc2 was going to be but it didnt. i believe that if we take into account that the mp was done by bf programmers, bf3 will be very good. but until bf3 comes along, medal of honor is a good substitute…


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