HTC Desire Z: Bell Canada Price and Contracts

By Jamie Pert - Nov 3, 2010

Are you due an upgrade from Bell Canada? If so, you may want to check out the HTC Desire Z, you can either buy this as part of a one, two or three year deal, or if you prefer contract free.

As you can imagine the contract-free option is not cheap, it will set you back $499.95, as part of a three-year deal it will cost $129.95, as part of a two-year deal it will cost $449.95 and as part of a one-year deal it will cost $474.95.

I think it is a no-brainer to choose either the three-year deal or contract-free option, in fact I find the one and two year pricing options quite peculiar.

If you would like to buy the HTC Desire Z from Bell check out this link, if you are unsure, check out our previous Desire Z posts here, I recommend the hands-on video, first impressions and our spec comparison with the HTC Desire HD.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • unhappy camper

    If you want a "Kids Social Network" phone, consider this one, but if you want a "serious" or business phone, I suggest you keep looking….. this isn't it.

    An unhappy customer! and I'm locked in for 3 years……. :O(

    • BladeMacStud

      I'm not sure I follow how is a "Kids Social Network" phone. I use mine for work, it does Microsoft Exchange for my email and calender, Quickoffice and Adobe reader for editiing and viewing documents, Google maps and Navigation for traveling and if its a BBM replacement, well there's Kik if Blackberry stops being douche bags. Also you can use the HTC sync software from their website to sync your outlook contacts.

      HTC sense is integrated very well with Twitter and Facebook but you don't need to setup your accounts if you don't want. Plus the scenes can be used to customize your home screens (such as a work setup with exhange and your calender) and a play setting with friend stream.