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Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): PS3 Release Date Update

For those of you who are worried that Gran Turismo 5 won’t see a release on the PS3 until next year, we have some fresh details for you now which suggest that Polyphony Digital will still get the game out before the end of the year.

We’re sure you already know about the fresh delay for the game, in which Sony and PD announced that the game had been delayed for a while, although they didn’t give a new release ETA which was very disappointing.

However, as VG247 reports, PD boss Kazunori Yamauchi has made a fresh statement at SEMA, in which he informed everyone that progress is coming along nicely.

Here is what he had to say, make of it as you will: “The discs are being stamped as we speak.” This statement was accompanied by a picture of Yamauchi making a stamping gesture with his hands.

Hopefully that means that the game is 100% finished completely, and that it will be on the way to retailers soon. We’ll let you know if we get any further updates on this.


  • duff

    Yet another boring driving game in a long line of boring driving games…..

  • js4605

    SONY owners trade in your PSP GO as it is no good to play games on as there NO!!! games for it. Trade it towards GT5 and tell S*** for brains SONY NOT to mess with a good thing. the PSP 3000 is the best thing since sliced bread! PLEAS SONY DON'T FIX IT IF IT ANTE BROKE.
    Just release GT5 then patch it later, Don't levee us hanging PLEAS give a release date or lose millions of fans and possible go the way of SEGA and just make games for other consoles. We don't wont that do we?

  • GT5 preRoder

    I pre-ordeded through Amazon dot com. they now show an updated delivery date of 12-31-2010

    • james

      SAME mate. thats what i did. I was idea because my birthday was on the 7th, but once again. Repeated for the 9,000,000,000 time, poor management lost me the only birthday present I wanted.

  • kieran

    been waitin for this game for ageis yet years lol and heard it was coming out on december the 3rd hopelfully we will see it and never get off the game (also makes you think how good the game must be if its taking them so long to make )

  • Callum Added

    Pick up your game Sony that's all I can say you're really starting to fail and dissapoint all your fans, your PSN Plus service is also a real dissapointment pretty much paid $80.00 for a year just to get a free Little Big Planet game worth $30.00 at EB Games.

    And on that note… When is the next PSP system firmware update? The last was a year ago. Pathetic

    • Mark

      PS+ is awesome. My £40 a year gets m £250 quid worth of games.

      Compare that to Xbox where £40 buys you Party Chat basically. (And Xbox Live is about to go up in price again to £50 in the UK, $80 in the US, and Xbox Live Gold demoted to Xbox Live Standard, to make way for an even more expensive premium subscription for £120/Year which includes Zune streaming).

      Get a grip.

  • Callum

    I seriously am about to sell my PS3 Console "Slim 120GB" and forget the whole deal with Sony, The PSP Go I have is **** and there are no games for it, so much for 70 new PSP games available by the end of the year, the PS3 still lacks titles and my most recent purchase Medal Of Honor I finished in 5 hours but paid $80.00 for? I could have had better enterntainment on WoW on my computer than wasting money on that crap the Online Multiplayer on MOH is EPIC FAIL Also. We haven't had anything decent to play all year and they can't even get a game released on time they should have employed extra staff to complete and finish it knowing they will get extra sales from it! God when also was the last Grand Theft Auto series released? Like 3 years ago, I am still playing WARHAWK for crying out loud because there is yet nothing better than that :-/

    • ps3wannabe

      Um you must be stupid if all you got is Warhawk, what about uncharted, killzone, infamous, resistance, rachet & clank, mod nation, God of War 3, Assasins Creed, Red Dead Redemption, MLB the show, Motorsorm, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear

      There's many, many games to play on PS3. And free online play, and browse the interent and use it as a streaming device and can use it as blu ray.

      And when Gran Turismo does finally come out, it will be the most epic racing game of this generation, GUARANTEED.

    • HT

      As a devote follower of the GT series pre PS3, it really saddens me to say that I am so over the whole SONY/GT5 thing. ‘guess the painfully long release date which happens to now be just before the x-mas $$$ season’ cut it out already! My much mollycoddled PS3 Epicly Failed after just 2 years, yeah that was really worth $700 ROFLMAOFAIL. L8tr, Ima go burn my dead ps3 & play wow on my console smashing pc now.

  • Matt

    Surely now they have begun this process they must know when it will be ready so I reckon a release date may be announced in the next couple of weeks hopefully

  • Bill Longcockus

    I especially like how they say that Yamauchi "informed everyone" and that "VG247" has brought this breaking news to us when, it was actually "Jalopnik" and only Jalopnik (who in turn informed everyone else) was informed of this news. Now that is "fresh" news.

  • robert

    omg i was getting it tommorow for my birthday (4th november was release date in australia and i had preorderd as present from parents)
    im so fn disapointed…
    but as long as it is epic game.

    ppl rekon they are delaying because of cod, and if thats the case they wont release till december (so they get more sales for christmas n shit and the black ops sales like slow down…)

    but i wish they would just release it ima play it so much online and shit, and the thing is when black ops is out i wll play it alot so therefore they should have released before black ops…

    • Lexuser

      You should not believe to what EB Games employees say coz COD is not the same as Gran Turismo. They are completely different!! Hopefully the game comes out by the end of this month.

      • Phantazim

        Different but still cost $60. So as a marketing strat it make sence….most people will only buy one game a month….push it a month so people have the cash

        • mlee6050

          are you sure one game a month i sometimes get two a week and i don't have a job

    • Waldo

      Could be a dual release timing issue, Sony would want people to spend their cash on GT5, so they don't want any other products in the way that could distract people from purchasing it.

  • Hans

    the fact that the discs are stamped doesn't mean by far that the software is burned on them, so actually Yamauchi has said absolutely nothing

    • R1stoR

      In mass production stamping IS the method to get data on the discs…burning is for home users only ;)…so stamping means that negative gold mold has been made and data cant be changed anymore(they can but starting all over would be quite expensive)

  • alex

    thank god this game will save me thrashing my skoobie lol . hopefully next couple of weeks then . : )


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