Google Street View Data Breach: No Financial Penalty

Love them or hate them, Google Street View cars has certainly had their fair share of problems, most importantly a breach in the Data Protection Act. Some countries have already banned the service, while others just apply pressure to Google. However, there has yet to be any financial penalty.

The latest county to become embroiled in this issue is the UK, with information commissioner, Christopher Graham refusing to impose a fine following data and email details being collected by these cars. However, Graham did say that Google would have to agree that such a thing would not happen again.

Google was told that if they did something like this again, then enforcements would be made. Google has now been told to delete all information that was collected by these cars with the large cameras on them, and according to The Guardian “the Metropolitan police had dropped its investigation into the breaches.”

Although it was bad what Google did, I would not want to see these cars banned from our streets. I know that some people still have an issue with them, but they do make life much easier when searching for places on Google Earth. Also, this is a good reminder that you should never leave your Wi-Fi network open – you never know who is spying on you.



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