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GoldenEye 007 for Wii: Conflict Mode Video Disappointing?

In 1997 GoldenEye was released for the Nintendo 64, this game received overwhelming praise and became very popular, therefore it is no surprise that a remake is coming to the Wii, however recent multiplayer footage I came across left me less than impressed.

Obviously a lot has changed since the 1997 release, at the end of this post you can see a video showing the multiplayer combat mode which features in the 2010 Wii version.

The video in my opinion is very disappointing, obviously we weren’t expecting great graphics, however there are some other fundamental problems which I think will frustrate even the most understanding Nintendo gamers out there.

The video shows poor framerate and poor physics, however the biggest problem in my opinion is the aiming system, most people are used to a dual analog stick setup, one for walking forwards, backwards, left and right, and the other for looking around, I have no hands-on experience with the game but I very much doubt that this old school setup will be popular today, what do you think?

We have embedded the gameplay video below, however to see it at a higher resolution check out GameTrailer.

Does this gameplay video put you off GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo Wii?


  • mark rickards

    amazing game dont know why people moan they donw there homework and its great i only lept me n64 for this old game now its on wii i can now get rid of the old retro box 🙂

  • jwebby

    Wiimote pointing, IMO, gives players more of a mouse-like aiming system which is FAR more accurate than an analog stick.

    Ever play the old Metroid Prime games on GameCube? You should play the Wii-makes on Metriod Prime Trilogy for Wii. Wiimote/nunchuk = independent movement & aiming. W/ the GCN controller, Samus moves like a tank at best.

    I picked up this on release day. Very cool game – Wiimote/chuk controls are solid & can be near-infinitely customized to your liking w/o leaving the game. Online was smooth – no real lag, found others quickly. Single player has just enough of the old story to tickle nostalgia bones, but this is definitely a "new" game & reflects both our now post-COld War world & the more visceral Bond that Craig brought to the table.

  • ToaDy

    I believe you can use the classic controller for this i.e. dual analogue, I'm surprised you are unaware of this.

    The framerate doesn't seem to be an issue, and the couple of times it lagged could easily have been due to connection issues/speed.

    As for the graphics, I don't think this video is representative of the whole package – I have seen multiplayer footage on other sites that look great – open outdoor areas etc.

    • Jamie Pert

      What I mean is that you move a target around a screen, instead of using the analog stick to actually replicate head movement to look around

      • PACKY

        It's like that because in the video they are using the wiimote and nunchuk.

        • ToaDy

          That's right – the controller setup for the classic controller pro is pretty much what you'd expect from dual analogue on the PS3/360. Left = Move/strafe Right = Look/Turn.


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