Ford Rally Kit For Fiesta: Components At SEMA 2010

Just under a month ago we informed you that Ford Racing was to show off their Fiesta at SEMA 2010. We now have details that there is to be a rally conversion kit as well; all of the components will be there for you to salivate over.

This rally conversion-kit will be known as R2, and is for use on the 2011 Fiesta 4-door hatchback. The kit has been developed in conjunction with M-Sport and will be made available via Team O’Neil Motorsports. There are a number of upgrades in this package, so let us see what you get.

The first thing that you will notice is the 40hp increase, so you now have 168hp at your disposal. This does not seem much, but just remember how small and light the Fiesta is? There is also a stage 1 kit; this will offer other modificatins that the standard kit does not, such as other upgrades to the engine, limited-slip differential and more.

According to NY Times, there are no pricing details as yet, but we are certain that Ford will offer more details during SEMA 2010. How much would you be willing to pay?



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