COD Black Ops: Dead Ops Arcade Mode – First Impressions?

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2010

If you have been frantically searching for any recent developments for Call of Duty: Black Ops, you won’t need us to tell you that last night a video showing the secret co-op mode called Dead Ops Arcade was revealed for the first time.

Of course this alleged new mode has yet to be officially confirmed by either Treyarch or Activision, as Activision are still lurking around YouTube to swiftly remove any unofficial Black Ops content that appears before the November 9th launch date.

Providing that this new mode is real, we want to know your first impressions of it, considering it is a pretty drastic move by Treyarch to include a entirely different concept to their hugely popular zombie franchise. The leaked video we saw shows a ‘Smash TV’ style interface in which players will have to fend off waves of zombies, collecting powerups and different weapons as they go along.

Further details we’ve heard is that this new Dead Ops Arcade mode will also include support for co-op, but again this isn’t confirmed and we don’t know if it will be local op, or online co-op. Considering that the game may include two new ‘standard zombie levels’ and this brand new zombie arcade mode, you have to say that Treyarch has done a great job with the new stuff.

They could of charged extra for Dead Ops if they wanted to, or even saved it as paid DLC shortly after release. Hopefully Treyarch will confirm this new mode for us soon so we can really provide a full breakdown for you. For those of you who have managed to see Dead Ops Arcade – what are your first impressions of it? – Do you like it or not?

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  • ben

    yeah i agree 🙂

  • mozo

    its not a secret mode, it was a zmobie mode

    been playing it for over a week now

  • Rob

    Been playing this for over a week now and love it!!!!!!!!

  • jayden

    can i still play zombies on the normal version of the game not the hardend or prestige

    • yes but if you get hardened or prestige you get the w@w zombie maps

  • baked az

    of course this isnt a dlc the game is selling for so much already so you are already paying for this extra content which is sad that this game is worth over a 150 new zealand dollars for a standard edition where as modern warfare 2 was only 120 new zealand dollars so this BLACK OPS better have a awesome campaign and this zombie mode better be good, MODERN WARFARE 2 campaign in my opinion was the same shit every level:street wars, boring. So for a $150 this game should be 10x better than INFINITYS modern warfare 2

  • SpecialOps

    Dead Ops is not the game mode I would like to play the black ops zombies. This is one of those arcade games that you play for minutes, then forget and play again maybe the next few weeks. Playing FPS in black ops zombies is more personal.

  • danny doom no1 add me

    i have black ops but there arnt many people online but awsome anyway

  • James

    Is this mode replacing zombie mode from WaW or is normal zombies in there and this is just a bonus game?

    • Cj Cardona

      its basicly nazi zombies again
      only different but……basicly the same…

  • dadd

    some people already have retail black ops. Including me:) amazing game, best cod ever!

  • Bob Dylan

    leaked copy is out there

  • Michael

    He's probably lying

  • AEC007


    How on earth have you got a copy of Black Ops already?

  • burge

    its like zombie apocolyspe on ps3's psn. i was addicted to that game, so i personally like the little add on. its a ice break from multiplayer. however been cheeky i would have prefered more zombie maps. i just hope theres alot more on DLC . i currently receieved my copy yesterday and im loving it so far!

    • AEC007

      How have you got Black Ops already?

  • Deano

    this is an overhead view of the game whereas normal zombies was first person

  • Pengo

    I don’t get the difference of dead ops arcade and normal zombies