COD Black Ops Cheats: First One Revealed by Treyarch?

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2010

We have some interesting Call of Duty Black Ops news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that the four difficulty levels from previous COD games will be making a return once again – with an added twist.

According to this report from JustPushStart, Treyarch will be adding a new feature to their difficulty modes in Black Ops, which will give the player the ability to change difficulty levels at any time.

We don’t have specific details on how this will work yet, but the move is obviously seen as beneficial to beginners finding the game difficult as they move through the campaign mode.

However, this new feature may result in gamers changing their difficulty to Veteran for the last level, just so they can gain the rewards and trophies/achievements they may unlock in the process. If this new feature does play out that way, then it will definitely be frustrating towards hardcore players who choose to play through Veteran from the very start.

We’ll try and clear this up for you soon, but in the meantime let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think having the ability to change difficulty mid-level is a good idea or not?

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  • Quad

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  • sid

    No, it doesnt. you have to play the whole game to unlock the achievements.

    source :finished the game

    • guest

      ur such a liar how did u finish a game that just came out u couch potatoe

  • franko

    Doesnt matter about difficulty level to me, I am buying it for the multiplayer…I will complete the campaign on normal, eventually.

  • Harvey Mcdonald


  • KIU

    reak? haha do you mean reap

  • HotEspresso

    why would anybody even think you could change the level at the last minute and get the whole game's rewards?
    the way Modern Warfare 2 was set up, is you get an achievement for beating the game on any difficulty, than one for veteran. that's probably how this one is also going to be.

  • GenuineSmile29

    Here is another reason achievement systems should not be used in games. I don't want my games to come with a checklist of chores. Let the game speak for itself.

    • You never have to look at the achievements. You can just play through the game and let is speak for itself.

  • kinectedgamer

    You have always had the option to do this, just from the main menu, you choose the level you want to play and then choose the difficulty. You will not reak the end rewards just by playing the last level, usually COD gives a veteran achievement for each level so the only reward they would reak is for that one and only level.

    • Joe

      Yeah! This is the dumbest article ever! "First cheat"

      • lewis


    • cyco


      • kinectedgamer


  • Jack


  • K.D.

    I've seen game in the past that allow this, but when you go to change the difficulty mid-level, it gave a warning. It would say something like, "If you change the difficulty, you will not be able to receive the achievements…blah, blah" This way, you couldn't cheat your way to a veteran achievement by switching last minute. Don't know if they would handle it this way, but it works for me. I usually play a game for the first time on the 2nd to hardest difficulty, then do the hardest. Some friends I know just play on easy (not fun in my opinion). I like a challenge. I tried like a 100 times for the mile high club achievement on modern warfare 1 and finally got it. That's my toughest achievement to date for sure.