Call of Duty: Black Ops Content Censorship Option

By Peter Chubb - Nov 3, 2010

A year ago gamers were in a frenzy due to the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and this year will be no different with Black Ops. While most gamers were happy with the new game, there were a few issues with the No Russian mission. Players had the choice if they wanted to play the content, and the same content censorship option will apply to Black Ops as well.

Before you start to play the new COD game you will be asked if you would like to play “certain graphic content”. Oliver East from Just Push Start explains that choosing this option will not have an effect on the rest of Black Ops, so that will ease a few minds.

East says that it is a much better idea that Ratings boards do not get to make that decision, players should decide what content is right for them or not. However, this will still not stop certain people from moaning about such content on the game, but that is what we gamers buy the game in the first place for – war is no picnic.

Over the past week a huge amount of details have leaked about Black Ops, such as “Deads Ops Arcade Mode”, and “Golden Guns”. Alan Ng recently asked if all these leaks are spoiling things for the true fan of the franchise? He does have a point.

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  • Hacker

    Been had this game. Burned it a while ago

  • Pengo

    Can’t wait to own my friends!

  • ice cream muncher

    get of your xbox guys

  • warren thompson

    you sad gimps
    all of yous go die and get of your xbox

  • Not Important

    there is nothing with it, if developers put realistic and current situations in the game. kids see wars on their tv's all the time. if some one has to raise the point, its no brainer what war games shows. its ok to kill people when you are a soldier but its an immoral issue when you are a terrorist and kill people. there is no difference its just how you look at it. i dont think there was any problem with no russian mission, if some one needs to have a problem its the war games. just increase the PG age

  • burge

    i receieved mine today its awesome. my preordrr was posted out monday!

  • MeZzA

    Itz gunna be sicck , im so pumped

  • Dominic Hammes

    I am so excited for the release of Black Ops, it looks great. Only 6 more days guys, Hang in there!

  • python

    I really want CoD : Black Ops!