BlackBerry Bold 9700: Download BlackBerry OS 6 Update – (OS

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some surprising news for all you BlackBerry Bold 9700 users out there, as we can tell you that an unofficial version of BlackBerry OS 6 has been leaked, and it’s now available to download.

We have no idea how someone has managed to obtain this new version, but if you are interested in trying this out, you will find the download links over at

The version number which you’ll be downloading is OS, which is thought to be the most up to date version of RIM’s new OS. Don’t forget that this is an unofficial version, so download at your own risk if you decide to try this out.

If you have already installed this new version, let us know if it works, and what new features you have discovered.

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  • karim adel

    que bien programa

  • Honeybakl

    HY pls help i cant update with loader, apeared

    i did the right steps

  • james

    it sucks! i thought i purchased a blackberry……….if i wanted an iphone id get one.
    its not like a blackberry at all anymore! i hate iphones!!

  • Rob

    I think its crap … the home page is way too cluttered .. cant even see your wallpaper

  • Fox

    Im trying to download the OS 6 for 9700 but i cannot find the actual link to download the bloody thing – HELP?

  • liman

    Pls send me d link on hw 2 download

  • johan

    it dont let me update to OS6… just old OS5 something why ist that ?

  • mera

    i want the link for it !!

  • ion

    any link from where to download OS6 for Bold 9700? all that I've tried until now, file is missing

  • caglar


  • caglar


  • Wayne

    Can anyone. Give me a good link to get os6

  • sheuan

    this OS did it come with asian support and input ?

  • Mya

    can any blackberry accept the new OS?

  • David

    does this OS^ work on storm?

  • numarw

    hi here i have the latest leak from RIM the OS for the BOLD 9700 im using it and its GREAT the phone is working perfectly fine try it

  • winston

    hi I have downloaded the os 6 on my do i load nit on the phone..because it shows no updates vail;able for the bold 9700..any suggestions..i have the desktop 6 loaded on the pc…mail me at

  • nony

    Anyone plz tell me the link to download os6 for 9700….I would be very thankful to you guys…you can mail me on

  • Dandoune

    where's the click to download ? i've tried everything .

  • nazwan

    i downloaded and installed it all, but unfortunately it does not have a social feeds.

    any comments?

  • Bunty

    i have installed os 6 in my blackberry 9700 but I'm not able to access excel, word and power point programmes……..could somebody solve my query…….

  • pamela

    I keep clicking on that but I keep getting a message that there was an error and the link can’t be found. I went through different websites and my network is fine so that link does not want to open. How did you guys get it?

    • irfan

      you are right i have same problem if you get somewhere ales plz tell me my email id is i be very thank full to you.

  • hugo

    Well you have to remove the old version from Add Remove Software (Programs and Features) from Control Pannel, and then download the OS6 and then run it, it will guide you through. the 1st install might break but don’t panic, you can reinstall a 2nd time.

    You have to delete a certain file from Research in Motion folder before running the set-up

  • vatato

    everything OK! only one bug, no copy paste (not working)

  • alex

    can someone walk me threw the steps to download the os 6 onto my blackberry 9700?

  • Diggy

    Also after deletion of the files as stated the the above Posts.

    Navigate to the folder; C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoader

    Delete the file 'Vender' file & then run Loader.exe from that same folder.

  • Diggy

    For those using T-Mobile that get the white screen with tiny icons navigate to through folder as shown below and delete the following…

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionSharedLoader Files9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50Java and delete the following two files called –

    1) net_rim_theme_tmobile_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.cod
    2) net_rim_theme_tmobileeu_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.cod

    • Joey

      where do i go to delete these files ?

    • sumeet

      in white screen i am unable to find options only……
      please help me !

  • Diggy

    Try here for some Download Links..

  • Shane
  • pierre Cabon

    can anyone tell me if there is a version for Mac and not an .exe file? that'd be great thanx

  • garry

    where to download new os 6 from?

  • callum

    how do u download it to your bold 9700

  • rakesh

    @francis — can you guide how you have installed & link

  • Hanzala

    i have tried to update my os but after installing all, my screen goes white, and all the icons are in small tiny sizes,
    please help???

    • BMdiggy


      Navigate to the folder – C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50\Java

      Locate 2 files named and delete them-
      1) net_rim_theme_tmobile_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.cod
      2) net_rim_theme_tmobileeu_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.cod

      Re-Run installation using 'Loader.exe" from the 'AppsLoader' folder after deletion of the 'vendor' file in the same folder. Here's how you get there –

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

      For those that are looking for the OS for download, check here –

      • hemzi

        awesomeeee mahnnnnnn .. .. u r gr8 . .. . . thnx a ton

  • Anumaan

    It is definitely a home run! Blackberry is the best phone I have used so far and this is definitely a Great OS. But being human we can't be perfect so human errors are obvious. I am using it for 2 days now and found some micro bugs, rest everything seems good and pretty smooth. I am sure the fix would be out soon. I'll give 7.5/10 to this new OS.

  • Aaron

    It works perfectly with my bold 9700! Great and better! I don't know why RIM has not released this for everyone yet!

    • Ross

      what was the link ?

  • drkngt

    i downloaded it and installed but i cant get it to work…i did battery pull but nothing…when i go into desktop manager it shows that it is there, but i dont know how to get to it. any suggestions?

  • Aaron

    Does it work with your phone network?

  • Sanjay

    BB 9700 got nuked and all upgrades are not helping., thus downloading OS6

  • joey

    till now i cant get a link for os 6.. any1 can help me out 🙁

  • francis

    it works fine..but get slow later

  • kevin

    I tried to install, i get it installed, and then it comes to the license agreement, i choose "ok" and then it just freezes there……….any thoughts???? feel free to e-mail me

    • BMdiggy

      If you're using T-Mobile scroll down and follow the instructions posted below.

  • iamme

    iv tried it on my bold 9700 yesterday.. its work superbly.. much better than os 5.. very nice new features and speed.. u should try

    • Verali

      How did you download it?

    • reuben

      what did u do to download os 6 for your 9700? i would like to try it too.

    • praful

      can u plz mail me os 6 link on

    • Devlio

      how did you download it?

  • Brian

    Has anyone tried this? If so, does it work?

    • Francis

      Yes, it does. It runs smoothly on mine!

      • Rashod

        whats the link for the downlaod

  • Ahmeto

    Superb !