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Apple iTunes 90 Seconds Song Preview Advantages

How many times have you previewed a song on iTunes, only to find that it ends just as the artist starts to sing? It is no secret that the 30 second preview is a bit short, and we had assumed that Apple were thinking of extending this to 60 seconds – so was surprised to learn that the preview will soon be 90 seconds long.

This only applies to songs that are longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, those under that will stay at 30 seconds. There are certainly a few benefits to this extension, such as the user being able to listen to more of a song before they purchase. This could have a positive affect on record labels, as they could sell more copies of a certain track.

According to an article on MacRumors, it states that those record labels that do not consent to this change will have to withdraw from iTunes. I do not think that there will be many pulling out, do you? We are not certain when this change will take place, but it should be soon.

Do you believe that this is a good move on Apple’s part? Who will benefit most from this preview extension?



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