Angry Birds for iPhone Sales: Over 10 Million

By Jamie Pert - Nov 3, 2010

Rovio has truly struck gold with the Angry Birds game for iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Android, apparently they have now surpassed 10 million paid download at Apple’s App Store.

When you take into account the Android and Symbian versions of Angry Birds it has surpassed 30 million downloads, the Symbian version cost €3, the iPhone version costs $0.99, the iPad version costs $4.99 and the Android version is add supported, which means that the income must have been massive.

Recently Rovio also released a Halloween version for iPhone and iPad which undoubtedly made a lot of money and I won’t be surprised if a Christmas-themed version arrives next month.

If you check out the source link below you can find App Store links etc, what mobile games do you prefer to Angry Birds?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • xiaoa

    Angry bird is so interesting!
    I think i will be infatuated with it after it can runs on my iPad, I regard iPad as game player and movie player. I used my iPad playing games and watching movies(always I used the Aneesoft DVD to iPad to converter DVD movie for my iPad). It is indeed great. if possible, don't miss a ipad! ipad is so fantastic!

  • andrew hoffman

    Will Angry Bird be available on Blackberry?