Android 2.2 vs. iOS 4.2: Froyo Features Lacking

By Peter Chubb - Nov 3, 2010

The gains that Google Android has made in the mobile OS is astonishing, and just shows that the company is now much more than a search engine. The OS still has a way to catch its rivals, but at least they have started to look behind now and again. The latest version is Android 2.2 Froyo, and there are a number of updates that make it much better than 2.1, but it seems that the features still do not compare to iOS 4.2 for the Apple iPhone.

Don Reisinger from eWeek has listed 10 reasons why he thinks that iOS 4.2 has the edge over Froyo. However, let us not forget that Google is already hard at work on the next version, 2.3 Gingerbread.

One reason why Android 2.2 does not perform as well as iOS 4.2 is because Google never had the plan to move into software – they have come a long way, but there is still a long road ahead of them.

Another reason – one that I am not too sure on – is that Apple understands their customers. They know what they want and most of the time they deliver; well we want the White iPhone 4 – look how that has gone?

One of the biggest issues with Android is too many variations. Knowing what Android handset to get is like a minefield, something that you do not get with Apple and the iPhone. This is a valid point, but having choice is great as consumers have certain budgets, so are able to decide which handsets best fits into that.

Visit eWeek and read all ten reasons why iOS 4.2 is said to be better than Android 2.2.

Do you agree with these findings?

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  • Jah

    Apple fans after being robbed by jobs will have no option but defend their lost money not the beuty of the product

  • pragatichaplotjain

    Everyone keeps saying that Android does not have this and that.. but they keep ignoring the fact that Android is really catching up. Nielsens report strongly communicate that the sales have increased and Android is showing strong competition to Iphone and Blackberry. The 2.2 version of Froyo may not be designed for tablets but it has certainly ramped up the performance of the Android. It supports Microsoft Exchange Server and is also more secure.
    Come on Peter, you cannot ignore tha fact that Android has aldready created a hige and loyal fan following .The 2.2 Froyo has aldready convinced many RIM users to move on to the new Android.

  • Cecil

    Man he has no Idea what is he talking about. I guess he never even touched one before. I’ll buy him a free android phone, I’m sure he will resign the next day and turn into an Android lover.

  • I can't see how this can be a far comparison. I'm pretty sure iOS 4.2 hasn't been released yet. Should we compared Android 2.3 to iOS 4.2 to even the field?

  • Tom

    What a load of BS!

  • Guest

    I can connect my Android to ANY computer, set it in USB Mount mode and access my SD memory card with the standard USB Micro cable. From this point I can download/upload pictures, music, videos, documents, among other things that I own. iPhones have no SD card slot, and only connect to iTunes on one computer with the Apple cable. That isn't the worst but it's the typical limiting of Apple and why I pick the openness of Android.

  • Mike

    Apple Blows. Steve Jobs is a loser and as health continues to deteriorate the company will fall into bankruptcy because their company doesnt allow any freedom for the OS.

    Nostradamus Prediction: Andriod squashes the entire iPhone market by 2012

    • Tom

      just watch how much new developers will flock to the Mac store.

      Nostradamus Prediction:
      2011 first Virus/keylogger found on Andriod OS
      2012 Andriod force to withdraw from market due lawsuits……
      2012 Mac store will becomes SaaS

  • JtownATX

    Wow, just wow. No multitasking? No folders? Since launch Android has had this. No iTunes? Thank god, as the EVO and other Android phones act as an external hard drive without any additional software. You don’t ever need to sink your phone, as you can drop and drag the entire harddrive to a pc. What about Apple not offering the full internet, or the iPhone’s lack of removable storage/battery (especially if you must bring up the iPad when discussing phone software)? Apple has become Microsoft in so many ways.

    • Big John

      Actually not entirely true about Multi-Tasking.. Yes Apple did not offer Multi-Tasking across the board(Apples apps did multi-task). They were paranoid as originally they weren't going to open up to apps. Remember the iPhones came out quite a while back before the droids. When they did start to open it up they had to protect what was out there. They had the original first generation phones, with first generation batteries. They had to keep the apps from killing the batteries and making the phone slow.

      Still today though they still need to protect the phone from battery sucking apps, and CPU hungry apps that cause other things not to work.

      Hey I actually like the Android. My Sister and Girlfriend BOTH have them(Incredibles) per my recommendations. I like the competitioni and a few years from now I'll bet we see far more similarities then differences as they mature.

      I don't know why both sides need to trash each other so much here.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha there's too many Android choices. "I love Steve Jobs. I love my iPhone. I love being told what to buy." –Peter Chubb

    • Mike

      Move to North Korea they tell you what you can and cant do

  • Tony

    Android 2.2 Froyo is great. Obviously. If you've seen what it can do, you'd agree. The version that verizon or tmobile might put on your phone is limited, sure.

    The two are somewhat equally capable though. The difference is the CONTROL! Apple gives you no control, and it's illegal to do anything with the OS other than what they proscribe. The Android OS is open source, and that means you can pretty much do what you want with it. Therefore it's way more capable. Every different device can have a custom tailored version of the OS to fit the specific hardware inside. Just because HTC and Verizon build a version of the OS that is locked down or lacking or not so optimal doesn't mean anything about the OS.

    the iPhone is cool for many reasons, but NOT because of the OS and not because of Apple at all. it's cool because it's made from expensive parts that look and feel nice. and it's designed to be easy and work nicely. It's about as usable as a speak and spell though. The version of Android preloaded on most smartphones is maybe just as limited, but the difference is that you're ALLOWED to change that. Froyo rules. Root your phone and find out how great freedom feels.

    I'm on the side of Android because it's open source, way cheaper, and you don't have to deal with Apple's repairs or customer service departments which make me want to puke.

    • Big Joh

      You make a pretty good argument.. But I wouldn't call it open source as the big difference. iOS is based off of OS X which has Open Source underpinnings. I would probably say it would be safer just to say that Google is open to changes by the collective population of Manufacturers. That then allows them to come out with multiple flavors of the same thing.

      And technically I'm legally allowed to hack my iPhone as well if I want. Yes I lose my warranty as why would Apple want to support another variation of the OS which may or may not change firmware etc.

  • Goonie

    Apple fans have choices, and they choose macs. They chose to buy an iPhone that syncs seamlessly with their Mac they chose to buy which streams seamlessly to their apple tv they chose to buy.

    They chose not to buy a samsung or lg or htc android that will eventually sync to their Dell pc after installing crapware that will eventually stream to their lg google tv after installing crapware.

    Say what you want about apple, some of it might even be true. But nothing beats their convenience across the platform.

    • inde

      oh yeah what the apple said about the antenna gate lets blame other company for our ignorant

    • Jerf

      Except my Droid X streams wirelessly to my Xbox, computer, and to any DLNA device on the market without effort. I also get to sync my contacts, calendar and mail over the net, never having to plug it in and boot up itunes crap-ware (the only tool I get to use on my old iPhone). My music can be synced over the air with Winamp, or I can use any number of free to use alternatives to iTunes (like the vastly superior Napster which offers what iTunes does AND what Rhapsody does in 1 package)

      You speak as if mac has the corner on the "convenience" market. You have never been on a droid have you, or do you just believe everything the Apple reps tell you to believe?

  • Jim

    It is Ok the article was written by the Republicans. It is OK to lie

  • "Do you agree with these findings?" No, and neither does anyone who commented on his moronic article. I always thought that if you're going to write something about a gadget or event or whatever you should at least have a working knowledge of it. All the man did was make it all up. He’s clearly never really used or taken the time to learn anything about an Android device. He doesn’t have to be a fanboy for it, but he could at least have actual working knowledge.

  • Jerf

    The articled linked lists 10 things that are not true about google torn strait from an apple perspective. Non of the facts actually revolve around truths.

    According to that article, Google, the company amassing more user information then any company in the world including Facebook, does not understand consumers. Also, apparently my android multitasking doesn’t really exist. I went from a 3GS to a Droid X, and couldn’t be happier. Sorry, but this was a waste of google news click.

  • Jay

    I just lost confidence in this site. I read that eweek article and couldn't believe something so ridiculously thoughtless could land on google news. It was like an article written by a 10-year old with no knowledge of anything trying to come up with a 10-point list. Total crap. And now you decide to reference it like it is worth anything??? Gimme a break. If you are trying to be reputable, do your due diligence before culling something so terrible.

  • Apple Enthusiest

    All the junior high schoolers are posting anti Apple hatred to all the good news stories when it relates to Apple. Let the chips fall where they may. I love my iPhone and wouldn’t trade it for any other smartphone. This stuff is great fun to read.

    • Malk

      I would be happy to give props to Apple here if the article actually stated something of value to give to them. It isn't about being anti Apple is is about fair comparison.

      The article at eweek is both factually inaccurate and filled with opinion. It works hard to bash the android but does not take any time to talk about the major issue with Apple.

      1) Software approval is tedious and subjective.
      2) Limited carrier support (currently only 1)
      3) Flawed hardware (antenna, light sensor, dropped call rates)
      4) Limited hardware platforms (only one phone either like it or leave it)

      It also fails to mention the HUGE gains that Android continues to make in the smart-phone market. With nearly every analyst predicting that these gains will continue!

  • kippaxingloom

    As an Iphone user and software developer I was interested in what the differences were.
    The reviewer has obviously not used an android phone for longer than 30 seconds.

    1. Google isn’t so big on software
    Bullshit – how many API's have apple created?

    2. Apple understands consumers
    Bullshit – Iphone 4 signal loss debacle – "your holding it wrong!"

    3. Multitasking
    Bullshit – Android had this since version 1 – apple version 4 – after lots of moaning by consumers – see 2

    4. Folders make it all OK
    Bullshit – folders are one of the most simple concepts in the world to create, doesn't android do this??

    5. Ease of use must come into play
    Bullshit – I keep knocking my mute switch on in my pocket with the Iphone

    6. Responsiveness
    Bullshit – Touchscreen responsiveness has little to do with OS and more to do with the touchscreen. Also how long did it take to get copy and paste implemented on iOS?

    7. Too many variations
    Ok not bullshit – blame the manufacturers not the os though!

    8. Apple’s App Store
    Ok not bullshit – its getting better though

    9. iTunes integration
    Ok not bullshit – Android music store however exists!

    10. The tablet issue
    COMPLETE UTTER BULLSHIT – Lets write an article comparing android 2.2 and iOS4.2 criticise google for stating 2.2 is not designed for tablets then praise Apple because they sell a iOS3 based tablet??? WTF ARE YOU DUMB?? as stated iOS4.2 can't do it yet!!!

    sack the author
    they do not know the subject!!!

    • matt

      This is exactly the comment that I wanted to leave. Thanks for sparing me the time. The eWeek article is a huge pile of BS and for this article to be based on it is just mind-bogglingly stupid.

  • Dandapani

    Did you even read the article? The writer is smokin' Apple Dope and knows nothing about Android.

  • HTC Evo 4G

    Wow…total failure, @ Apple enthusiest; Im glad that you love your iPhone, good for you. Have you ever had your hands on an Android device running 2.2? Probably not, it leaves the iPhone in the dust.People DO want choices wether its budget or form factor, and Apple doesnt want to give you this, they offer 2 choices right now and theres not alot of difference between those 2. This is really sad a review about a review to get users to click on their website..sad..sad…sad..

    • Craig

      "It leaves the iPhone in the dust", Just show me a frigging one feature Android has and iOS doesn't? I can show you 100s of features that iOS have and Android doesn't…iPhone in the Dust..Just think and look around before you fart you dummy!

      • shaffti

        Free turn by turn directions, adobe flash, file managers with the ability to email any file format, should I go on?

  • guest

    Is this waht apple fanbois have stooped to? lies! and pls dont counter-argue by touting some (false) allegations against google, which are all unverifiable, activation numbers, patent litigations etc

    One should retain dignity even in failure

  • Vyis

    For such article allow to be posted in this site and eWeek, i seriously doubt the credibility of others article here as well as site editor.

  • anon

    The eweek article is drivel, as usual. They should stop employing fanboys and get a real tech writer.

  • Vyis

    i wonder if these article written by Steve Jobs. Doesn't give any real fact to support. Speaking apple, didn't apple well know for their arrogant and ignoring defect in their product?

  • Anonymous

    It'd be really cool if you could show us exactly what features iOS 4.2 has that both Android 2.2 does not already have and Android 2.3 is not planned to have.

  • That guys a fool! Case and point, reason #3: Multitasking. Android has featured multitasking since inception, and in fact was one of the consistent knocks on iPhone, where the initial knocks on Android was multi-touch…. both have come around to relative parity in this regard. That's the most glaring point but pretty much all of his points are inaccurate or flat out false.

    Does eWeek employ Jr. High Schoolers trying to get extra credit?

  • android_user

    why do you allow junk like that e-week posting to get on your site? is this a review of a review?
    garbage about garbage?

  • Mat

    have you read the review of Don Reisinger?
    it's full of errors. i.e. Multitasking. he states iOS is a multitasking OS and Android is not, which is clearly wrong.
    It's probably a philosopical discussion if Apple understands customers. from my point of view giving the customer a choice is the key and Apple provides only a very limited choice.
    I think it's not worth it quoting this article.