Wii’s Michael Jackson The Experience Includes White Glove

By Jamie Pert - Nov 2, 2010

Later this month Ubisoft will release Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Nintendo Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360, this game uses player projection technology to show your body movements on screen so you can dance along to your favorite MJ tracks.

If you grab a Wii copy marked “day-one” on the day of release (November 23d) you will get a free white sequined glove, similar to the one Michael started wearing in the early 80s.

From what we can see the Kinect version of the game will not be offering the same free glove, perhaps the Kinect version will come with the iconic black fedora hat which he wore throughout his career.

Has the free glove convinced you to buy the game on its release date?

Source: PCWorld

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  • Colleen

    the game is tons of fun and a great work-out too. he was truly a music icon…thanks Michael


    sooo ummm…if i buy the game on the release date i will get a free white glove?….how do i get it? do i ask for one or it come's in the package.
    well i dont really need a glove becuz i have one already lol

  • Fate

    I want the game for kinect, but i want the glove as well 🙁

  • rfx

    Coming in Feb 2011 for Kinect. Looks awesome.