Voting Locations By Zip Code: Polling Locator Guide

There are a number of ways where you can find your voting locations by Zip Code, such as apps, websites and Google Maps. The most obvious choice to most would be with the latter, as this is accessible to all computers and smartphones, which we discussed in a recent post.

For those of you who would like an alternative to Google, then the Polling Locator from Polling Places is another great way to find these locations. All you need to do is enter your residence street address and Zip Code and the locator tool will do all the hard work for you.

Another option is the VoterHub app, which is free. Not only can you get details on where you can vote, but also information on each candidate. This app is not like some of those that will stop working later today, you can get details on future elections, as well as register to vote if you have not already done so.

These are just three ways where you can find the location of where you need to vote, which one will you use? If you know of any other, then please let us know?



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