Verizon iPad: Did you Buy one?

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2010

As most of you will already be aware, Verizon Wireless has already started to sell the Apple iPad in stores across the US. It may not be the Apple device which most of had hoped for, but how many of you still went out and bought one?

As PC World reports, consumers will have to pay a small fortune in order to secure an iPad on Verizon, as the cheapest option available is the 16GB WiFi 16GB model for $629.99, and you’ll also get a free MiFi 2200 3G Hotspot bundle which will allow you to hook up four other devices.

If you choose to buy an iPad on Verizon, you’ll need to purchase a data bundle as well, as Verizon has made things very simple by just offering a 1GB allowance for $20 a month with no fixed contract.

How many of you have already bought an iPad from Verizon? Are any of you still planning to get one despite the price?

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  • Shea

    Good luck. I bought an ipad along with the MiFi. Verzion requires you to sign a two-year agreement, but you have fourteen days to return the iPad. I tried renting a movie from itunes and four hours later the movie was still in the download mode and charged me half of my 3.4 gigs. We called Verizon and they were clueless on what to do. We took the ipad back and they gave us another one. We tried to rent movies again and had the same problem. We took the ipad back to Verizon and they charged me a $100.00 restocking fee. What a joke.

  • TOM C

    Try this one on for size. If you buy the Verizon I pad bundle with the portable mifi you will be in better shape once 4G service is widespread, I assume you will just have to replace your mifi to receive 4G service on your I pad. The ATT version with built in 3G is just that. Don't see how you can take advantage of ATT 4G unless you buy a newer version I Pad.

  • Jashuh

    This is a cheap ass way of offering the IPad to verizon customers, they could have done this years ago – buy iPad and use the wifi card. They should have waited for a much better IPad with their network built-into it already and next work with the customers to be up a better data package! There isn’t nothing too great about this first up offer, wait for a better offer!

  • lola

    But if you're an att customer there is no extra monthly charge for 3G, while verizon cheapest monthly charge for mifi is $20. Isn't that correct?

    • jason

      The $20 isn't for the 3G necessarily, it is for the 1GB of data. This also gives you the opportunity to connect to the "mifi" with a laptop, etc which at&t doesn't. Both have their pros/Cons. Verizon's plan does require you to carry around the mifi unit with your ipad though if you are not in a wifi hotspot.

  • peterhayward

    The article states "As PC World reports, consumers will have to pay a small fortune in order to secure an iPad on Verizon." This is hardly true. Verizon is selling two Ipad options; the regular Wifi version for the same price the wifi version is available for from APPLE, and a wifi versions with a 3G mifi router for the same price as the 3G plus wifi versions are sold on Apple and AT&T ($630, $730, $830). There is thus, no "pay[ing] a small fortune in order to secure an Ipad on Verizon. The wifi version is the same as Apple; the 3G mifi versions are the same as AT&T .