Verizon iPad: Did you Buy one?

As most of you will already be aware, Verizon Wireless has already started to sell the Apple iPad in stores across the US. It may not be the Apple device which most of had hoped for, but how many of you still went out and bought one?

As PC World reports, consumers will have to pay a small fortune in order to secure an iPad on Verizon, as the cheapest option available is the 16GB WiFi 16GB model for $629.99, and you’ll also get a free MiFi 2200 3G Hotspot bundle which will allow you to hook up four other devices.

If you choose to buy an iPad on Verizon, you’ll need to purchase a data bundle as well, as Verizon has made things very simple by just offering a 1GB allowance for $20 a month with no fixed contract.

How many of you have already bought an iPad from Verizon? Are any of you still planning to get one despite the price?

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