Stealth Ford Police Interceptor: Inspired By SR-71 Blackbird

There is no denying that most patrol cars are on the ugly side, and because they do not look that menacing, there are those who do not want to pull over when asked. However, if you had the new Stealth Ford Police Interceptor on your tail – I am certain that things would be different?

This latest version will be on show at SEMA in Las Vegas, and you will see that the muscle car has been inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. Do not think that the car is all about its looks; the new Interceptor is packed with some of the latest technology to help catch criminals.

Back in March Ford launched the 2012 Ford Police Interceptor, which was based on a 2010 Taurus – this latest model makes that model look like a classic. The new version looks so menacing because the entire vehicle has been lowered by an inch and sits on 22-inch rims.

The engine is the important feature here, with the 3.5-liter V6 lump offering 365hp. The reason for the speed boost over the standard road version is the help of a twin-turbochargers and direct-injection EcoBoost system.

However, there is one issue with the new Stealth Ford Police Interceptor, how can those rims handle going over a curb or rough ground? Would not be long before the vehicle was no longer able to drive. More details on the vehicle on Autoblog.



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