Polling Place Finder: Tips On Twitter

The past couple of days we have offered advice on finding your voting locations; we gave details on two websites, as well as an app. We have yet another website tool for you, this time the “Polling Place Finder”. This one was suggested to some of our readers via Twitter.

This tool on Vote411 asks for your full address, including Zip Code – do not forget to add your state in. Before you go ahead and enter your details, just make certain that you are registered to vote first. More information oh finding out if you are registered to vote can be found here.

There are other alternatives being suggested on Twitter, such as locating your local government run website; a fine example of this is the North Carolina one. Looking at it seems to be much the same as most of the others, but ideal to have one dedicated to your area, as the main ones could end up crashing under server strain.

Another great piece of advice given on Twitter is Facebook teaming up with app developer Involver. The results shown offers a map that is powered by Google, more details on this can be found on Mashable.

What Polling Place Finder tool did you use? Get more update on Twitter.



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