Nook Color Vs Amazon Kindle: Which is better?

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2010

For those of you who are thinking of picking up the recently announced Nook Color, you are probably wondering what advantages it has over the market leader in the Amazon Kindle. Aside from being a fully colored e-book reader, what else does it offer you?

We’ve found a lengthy article for you to read which asks this very question. The Nook Color is not due to ship until November 17, and the Amazon Kindle is still a worthy rival despite it’s outdated appearance.

While the main advantage that the Nook has over the Kindle is obviously it’s color support, another telling factor in favor of the Kindle is that the Kindle will be able to perform well in direct sunlight thanks to it’s e-ink screen, whereas the LCD-based Nook Color may not – good screen quality is obviously a major requirement for all new e-book buyers.

If you are looking at battery life comparisons, then the Kindle is the clear winner again. TimesoftheInternet claims that the Kindle will offer thirty days of life, while the Nook Color will only offer eight hours of usage – a price to pay for Android OS perhaps?

Aside from everything, it will ultimately come down to price, and the Kindle is considered a bargain for $189 in the US. We are hearing that the Nook Color will retail for $249 which is also quite reasonable for the newest e-book reader on the market.

So which device wins? If you are looking for the best screen quality, reading conditions and battery life, then the Kindle still cannot be matched. However, if you’re looking to add that touch of style to your reading whilst on the move, then the Nook Color will definitely tempt you.

The full article which lists more advantages of both devices can be read over at TimesoftheInternet. Let us know if you have anything to share on this comparison.

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  • Robert

    Great blog post! But, I heard that the Nook Color is a better product than the Amazon Kindle. Do you agree?

  • i hate the kindle

    the nook color is way better. the kindle is lame and out dated i have a nook and my BFF has a kindle and we weere looking at a ton of lists and they all said that the nook is way better she wnts to now sell her kindle and buy a nook. the kindle is ugly and is not a touch (lame). u cant read magaziens on the kindle and u cant go surfing the web but if u want a boring electric out dated reader be my guest

    • Idiot

      you're an idiot. Learn how to spell.

    • Just Commenting

      Not everything has to have a touch screen in order to be considered cool, alright?

      "u cant read magaziens on the kindle and u cant go surfing the web but if u want a boring electric out dated reader be my guest"

      Yes. That's right. The Kindle is an eReader, which means you are supposed to read books on it. It's not meant to be an iPad. If you want to surf the web so badly go on the computer.

    • JohnnyG

      Actually, you CAN read magazines on the kindle.  They’re not in color, but you can read them.  You can also surf the web on the kindle.  I’ve only done it about 3 times ever since I bought my kindle and I’d rather do it from another device, but you CAN do it.

      The main value for the kindle is that the screen is fantastic and you can use it in any place that you typically read a book – including on the beach in direct sunlight.  It doesn’t cause eye strain like the backlit displays do. 

      I love tablet devices for their other capabilities, but there are better options available.  For an eReader, I still like kindle the best – even better than the nook.  The nook color is still an ‘in between’ device for me: more capabilities than a plain eReader, but without the e-ink display – but not as capable a device as an iPad.  I would buy an eReader with a color e-ink display, but if I’m getting a backlit display, I’d rather buy an iPad.

  • martin

    I bought a nook color couple of months ago it had some glitch's ,i had to reutrn it , i wonder if they have worked them out?like the power button was hard to push ,i had to push it more than once to turn it off then the volume went out once i had to reboot it.

  • Michelle

    What a worthless article. Nook Color allows for borrowing eBooks from public libraries, Kindle does not. Nook Color is backlit so that I don't have to fiddle with an awkward book light while reading at night. This article seems to have been written by someone who never owned an eReader.

  • Ted

    I have MS and can only stand to read 2-3 pages in a book, and then I get tired. The color Nook adds a gel screen over its e-paper screen, thus diminisshing readability. I have a Kindle 3 and can read for hours with its unfettered e-paper screen. I love my Kindle. I can be on the web in seconds, but I would prefer color, and would want to see a demo first. I am too power hungry, and would only be satisfied with one of those small note books. bundled with my Kindle, I would be one happy man.

  • sandi62

    I have a Sony, can't read the eink in normal room light, plus it's heavy (I have had to add the cover with the light). Am interested in NookColor with backlit screen as I almost never read in bright sunlight, but the specs say it weighs 2#! Is this true? Can it be that heavy? Anyone?

  • annie

    Is it easy to use the nook for email? Do you have a montly fee for internet access?

  • cody

    is the kindle a touch screen

  • Marg

    I am looking to get either the nook color or kindle3- I do not have internet service on my phone so besides reading books I am looking for something that will access the internet to check my mail while I am away(either within the US or while traveling in Carribean, etc.) I was told that it is very difficult to maneuver the internet on the kindle 3 but much easier on the nook color. Also is the 3G option on the kindle 3 a must for connecting to the internet while away?

  • Wendy

    BTW – Kindle has lots of free books. They come out daily.

  • Enjoy

    What it all boils down to is personal choice. They are both outstanding products, they both have different qualities it just matters what each person is looking for. I went with the Kindle because I just want to use it as a reading device. If I was looking for something I could surf the net and read with I would have went with the Nook. I can attest to the ease of reading on the Kindle very easy to use and handle as I am sure the Nook is too. As far as using different sites to down load to Kindle with there are others that support it. It just takes some research to figure out. If you love reading pick one of them and enjoy.

  • Soni

    I am torn between the Kindle and the Nook color. My husband is getting me one for my birthday. We travel a lot and I LOVE to read on the beach. How will the Nook color do in direct sunlight? A rep at B & N recommended switching the background to black and the print to white? I don't want to be disappointed in Jamaica!

    • Sandy315

      The Nook color is difficult to read in direct sunlight even with the black background. I can't speak about the beach given the cold weather, but when I'm in the car (and therefore the light is bright but indirect) I can read the print using the black background. I also have one of the anti-glare screen protectors on mine.

  • pamela

    I considered a Kindle for many months and was pleased when I received a Nookcolor as a gift. I am thrilled with the Nook color. In addition to the easlly downloaded books and a wifi for internet browsing and networking, I also love the Pandora radio, the simple games like crosswork and sudoko and the read to me feature for picture books. I have used the nookcolor everyday since I got it and am super pleased with it. I agree with the earlier post that a better comparison would be an ipad – but for the money and enjoyement I'd choose a nook

  • Sandy315

    I own both a 2nd generation Kindle and a NookColor and have a lot of ebooks (admittedly many are free ebooks). The NookColor wins hands down. It allows you to organize your ebooks in directories and to search your files directly without having to use shelves or the cumbersome kindle interface. Yes, the battery life is short, but how many people read for more than 8 hours straight? It just takes a little discipline to plug it in to charge each time you finish reading.

  • Tim from OC

    What a joke of an article. It seems as though the "reporter" was writing a piece to help sell the Kindle. Didn't even mention the Nook's expandable SD slot, the ability to download periodicals, etc. The editor should be ashamed!

  • lizard

    wow that review was stupid and not lengthy as they stated. i am thinking of buying the new nook color more then the kindle….sorry

  • Lynne

    I have a Kindle, my husband has a Nook.. For me, the reason I like the Nook better is I can download epub books from the library . Can't do that on the Kindle.

  • nook color supporter

    ?I am actually posting this commennt from my nook color right now, i love the touch screen and really love the very fast internet connection that it provides. This review reall leaves alot out about the color. The nook color has a crystal cleaar lcd screen and it allows to read at night because the screen is backlit as opposed to the kindle where you can only read using ambiant light. Anyways the nook color should be compared to somthing like th ipad rather than the kindle.

  • Farrah

    Some how I don't trust a review written with so many typos! Goodness, fella, learn the difference between "it's" and "its."

    • Elaine

      Somehow is just one word.

      • ebz


  • Bruce

    I have a Nook and a Nook Color. I was reasonably pleased with the Nook but I am ecstatically pleased with the Nook Color. In this state of the economy I have to watch my spending. I was leaning towards a Galaxy but I do not need the phone plan. So that would of made my cost $600. The $250 price is very affordable and WIFI access either from home or hotspots along with free tethering from my phone makes me not miss 3g. LCD elink is no big deal. 8 hours gives me plenty time to recharge. Here in America I can find outlets. The mp3 audio, extra storage space, office files plus PDF which is now rotatable and can zoom in and out except some books are great. The open format on books and files make this worth it. I believe when they open the B&N app store the android apps will be available. Video is limited to MP4 format but I have a file conversion program on my computer that solved that problem. The best thing I love most was I can read a night without a night light. If they will put a video out I can use it instead of my laptop. Yes this is a reader but it is great that I can do more than just read. I can fit it in my pocket so I have my library on hand at all times. My 5 two year old grand daughter enjoyed the color book and turned the pages herself. I let her hold it and used my Nook because all my books were on both. As a backup my books are also on my cell phone but it on last 3 or 4 hours. For those that only want a reader. Guess you do not have to use the other features but you have them. I am waiting for the eye strain everyone complains about.

  • Helloo

    PDF support? DRM restrictions? This is what I need to know (what a bad article!).

  • Another thing to mention is the selection of books between amazon and B&N. First, the selection of ebooks available on amazon seems like it is primarily targetting an adult demographic. There is a very limited selection for teens and under, so a Kindle would probably not be a good gift idea for younger people. B&N ebook store carries an infinitely bigger selection of kids books as well as full color magazines. The Nook also (from my understanding) is compatible with more formats of ebooks than the Kindle, which makes it easier to find the exact book you want, I guess.

    Now, I don't own either of these devices, and everything I wrote is based on information I've found on other web pages.(This article was worthless.) I've had a chance to play with both devices, and if I were buying for myself, I would definitely get the Kindle because the battery lasts forever, it's easier to read, and it seems like it does the job of an ereader better than anything else. As a gift for my son, the multimedia capable Nook Color is the better choice.

    • Mel

      I agree that the Nook is more compatible with more formats of eBooks. The public library in my city (Boston) will allow me to download eBooks to the Nook for free, whereas my library eBooks are not compatible with the Kindle.

    • Jackie

      Thank you! your review really helped me. Being a teen and wanting a wide selction of books geared for my demographic, i now know that i should chose the nook color over the kindle. (which i juz spent the last hour researching!)

  • anon

    What an awful review. I sure hope people are not basing their buying decisions on it. The reason for the Nook's poor battery life is not the OS. It is the screen. Why did the author bother writing this if they didn't even have that basic level of knowledge?

    The Kindle is outdated looking? I don't see how, and with less weight, longer battery life, more memory, a larger book selection, a lower price, a better screen (for reading–no glare), etc.

    The Nook is a quality product, but this review really does neither of the devices justice. Pathetic.

  • May

    I pre-ordered mine and I picked it up at the store yesterday. So far, I love the thing, magazines look amazing, books are easy to read , I read for 2 hours and no "eye strain" so far, its not like im going to read for 8 hours straight. I think this is perfect for me. If yall are not sure, go to the closest B&N store and try it out. I like it, and trust me I tried the ipad and other devices, the nook color deserves some respect lol. I love apple products. I own a the newest macbook pro, the iphone 4, the ipod touch 4g…I used the e reader apps on it and my eyes did hurt after a while, so far the nook color seems a lil better at this, the lcd screen seems to be better or something. My only issues is the battery life, the battery does drain quick. But im very happy with my choice so far….I hope this helps.

    • Unknown?

      U go girl your sure a modern girl hope yuou have a happy easter

  • Mike

    One final thing to remember about the main difference between the nook color and the kindle is that with the Kindle you are required to purchase your eBooks from while the nook supports numerous formats, which means that you can buy from, Amazon, and virtually any other formatted ebook, pdf, mp3, etc… And I really can't agree more that this was a terrible review. The author definitely had a "special slant"


      Wrong! Fail! Plus there is now a free Kindle for Nook app at Amazon.
      I read all the formats above (or listen to) on my Kindle 3.

  • Ryan

    I pre ordered a Nook color for my wife for Christmas. I did a lot of searching before I purchased it. I think it will give her what she wants and maybe cut down on the devices she carries. I will let you know how it goes.

    • jfdhjdf

      well that is just stupid ryan because what if your wife would go on and look at this and you would spoil her present. <( " ) "Merry Christmas!

    • France

      hey Ryan i dont know either my son wants a e-reader sould he get the nook color?

      • Starbucksfanatic19

        definitely im 12 and its awesome

  • coolio

    Nook Color specs:
    – $249 with free shipping
    – 7 inch Color LG Touchscreen 16 million colors with anti-glare coating 1024 x 600 delivering 169 pixels per inch.
    – 8GB built in memory expandable to 32 GB with microSD card.
    – Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), USB port
    – OS: Android 2.1
    – Processor: TI 800 Mhz ARM Cortex A8-based, 45nm OMAP3621

  • Gary

    Does anyone know if the Color Nook might have a "Black/White – Old style Nook" theme which might extend the battery life to the longer style of the older Nook if you want it to. Would be helpful in times if you are on a plane and no access to more power or on trips some where. Seems like you don't always need the color on.

    • cob666

      Whether or not you have full color, the screen is still LCD so a white pixel would require that all three individual color sub pixels that make up that one pixel would have to on. Switching an LCD to gray color scheme will not save you any battery life.

  • Toni

    What seems an obvious fact is that these reviews are not comparing like items. The two items to compare are the Kindle and the original nook. The B&N nook is still the better choice for a reader in its open platform as well as the ability to allow owners to also borrow electronically from the library. The nookcolor is an entirely different type of device…while it IS a reader…it is an enhanced reader. Comparing the Kindle to the nookcolor rather than the nook wi-fi or 3G models is like comparing apples to oranges. Does this simple fact escape everyone's notice?

    • Laura

      I agree. I needed to know which device would be a better choice for reading books. I'm not looking for something similar to an ipad. I thought it sounded like a good idea for a book in color (i.e. cookbook), but if the LCD screen is more like a computer screen rather than a page from a book…I'll stick with a device that uses eInk. Thank you.

    • Qwerty

      Actually the Kindle has support from many 3rd party websites that offer literally millions upon billions of books for download — free of charge.

  • Thomas

    Yeah, dumb review. The original Nook with just wifi is only ~$150. It is quite comparable and more open source than the Kindle. The Nook Color seems more geared toward kids and teens who want color, and dont mind the lack of battery life. I think your avid page turners would prefer the eInk displays. And that is actually how B&N at least markets them.

    But who truly wins in this, regardless…is the consumer. This is driving prices down, and both sides, even the iPad included offer some diversity to the market. Who cares who gets first place…my mom does, cause I can get her a nice eReader for Christmas now 🙂

    • Annie

      If you get the kindle with just WifI it is only $140 so stick that in your juice box and suck it!

      • The $10 difference gives you a less restricted device. It also depends on whether you like a tactile keyboard or not.

  • fett101

    "The kindle is a one trick pony"

    Thank you captain obvious. The Kindle is an e-book reader. It is not trying to be anything else and is the best e-book reader available because of that. I would never even consider the Nook color because of the LCD screen .

    • jakfj

      No need to be a jerk.

    • Starbucksfanatic19

      u are the most narrow minded person ever nook color is great. stupid pp, compare it 2 ipad but thats not what it is! it is a top of the line multimedia ereader. u can adjust the screen

  • googler

    If you prefer eInk screen, original Nook is still available.

  • Jeff

    The Kindle is still a worthy rival "despite it’s outdated appearance?" What's outdated?

    And why not say that many readers prefer e-Ink to the older technology LCD screens, which can't even be read outside?

    • christina

      Hi I am interested in purchasing either the kindle or color nook… what or why is it said that u cant read the nook outside…. I do a lot of reading outside and at the beach, so which one will be better for me.. thanks for the advice…

  • Ruby

    Yes. The write up is stupid ndeed. The kindle is a one trick pony while the Nook Color is a superb multi-touch capacitive LCD tablet rival the iPad for half the price. The Nook Color has a much more powerful processor for web browsing, music streaming and a lot of the tablet functionality.

    • Tim

      My friend has a kindle and after seeing my Nookcolor, he wishes he had my Nook.

    • Robert

      Not to mention the fact that Nook allows you to access thousands of free titles (as in: from my local library) while I understand with Kindle its pay up for every book….

  • cooler

    The Nook Color will not run apps straight out of the Android Market, but that does not mean it cannot run them. In fact, they have done a lot of tests on apps from standard Android smartphones and they pretty much run on Nook Color, which has Android 2.1 under the hood. (The Nook native interface and apps are just standard Android application layers.) Barnes & Noble special Nook SDK runs on top of the standard Android one and gives developers access to exclusive extensions and APIs for the Nook and its interface. So porting Android apps is not difficult. B&N says it is more like optimising them for Nook than porting them.
    Nook Color screen is supposed to be better (less reflective) for reading than iPad thanks to new LG screen with anti-reflection coating.
    It allows to watch videos, listen to the music, view Office documents and PDF's.

    • Interested

      That was much more helpful than the review itself. Thank you!

    • Nook!

      Wow THANKS!! Nook it is!

    • duh

      actualy COOLER the nook is posible to run andriod market apps and the is the posabilities of rooting it so that it does

  • inmypjs

    This write-up is stupid…so many things were not mentioned about the advantages of the Nook Color. First and foremost, the Nook Color is a touch screen….that was totally ignored.

    • dumb review

      What a stupid review and waste of bandwith. I take it you drive a Yugo….

    • Starbucksfanatic19

      hi 5! i agree