Nintendo or PSP Phone – Where are you?

There are two questions that need answering: where is the Nintendo and PSP Phone – ok that is like two for the price of one? However, this is a great point. We already have details of the existence of the Sony PlayStation phone; this news will not help Nintendo’s falling profits.

The Japanese games console maker understands that the current smartphone market is now starting to eat into their portable gaming market – so maybe Nintendo should turn the tables and enter the smartphone market? We know one thing, they will be able to offer a white version from the start – something that Apple is unable to do with the White iPhone.

A recent article on Fudzilla mentions that Nintendo has no plans to launch a phone, saying that they will always be on top in the handheld gaming market. I find it hard to understand why the company is so confidant, especially when we heard that the rumored PlayStation Phone from Sony is said to be more powerful than an Xbox 360.

Nintendo hopes that its upcoming 3DS will help to pick sales up once again, but I would not hold my breath. Now it is time for Nintendo to increase their portfolio, a phone would be perfect, just not certain how they would design such a device?

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  • Anthony

    Nintendo Phone + PSP phone = I'd get both straight away and just take 2 phones with me. Hahha!

  • Josiah

    There is other phones, and there is iPhone 4


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