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New Xbox 360 Dashboard: Brief Review

Yesterday Microsoft finally launched the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360, I managed to give it a good test last night whilst I played Modern Warfare 2 and Medal of Honor, and I must say I am impressed.

Prior to the update I used to find sending messages and game invites a bit laggy, however things seem a lot smoother now, there is no longer a delay before receiving the “Game Invite Sent” confirmation message, also writing text messages was a lot easier and it felt as if I was composing the message a lot faster than before.

I particularly like the new way that you could see if Xbox Live friends are online, before it wasn’t a huge problem, however now there is a new red or green icon signifying this.

A lot of people are complaining that the new simplified UI makes the dashboard look less mature than the last, however I feel that the minimalistic look great and allows you to see important information more easily.

I like the new Game Marketplace despite it not being a great deal different, the faster UI makes browsing a lot quicker and I think in the long run people won’t take so long finding the content that they are after.

The only thing I do not really like is the new font used when you receive notifications on your screen, such as a friend signing in, sending you a message or inviting you to a game.

What are your favorite/least favorite changes to the dashboard?



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