New Xbox 360 Dashboard: Brief Review

By Jamie Pert - Nov 2, 2010

Yesterday Microsoft finally launched the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360, I managed to give it a good test last night whilst I played Modern Warfare 2 and Medal of Honor, and I must say I am impressed.

Prior to the update I used to find sending messages and game invites a bit laggy, however things seem a lot smoother now, there is no longer a delay before receiving the “Game Invite Sent” confirmation message, also writing text messages was a lot easier and it felt as if I was composing the message a lot faster than before.

I particularly like the new way that you could see if Xbox Live friends are online, before it wasn’t a huge problem, however now there is a new red or green icon signifying this.

A lot of people are complaining that the new simplified UI makes the dashboard look less mature than the last, however I feel that the minimalistic look great and allows you to see important information more easily.

I like the new Game Marketplace despite it not being a great deal different, the faster UI makes browsing a lot quicker and I think in the long run people won’t take so long finding the content that they are after.

The only thing I do not really like is the new font used when you receive notifications on your screen, such as a friend signing in, sending you a message or inviting you to a game.

What are your favorite/least favorite changes to the dashboard?

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  • onceloyalxboxer

    I hate it! More so the netflix. It is blinding, and for someone that is a paying Xbox Live member times four, it was frankly frustrating. This made sure that Netflix will be watched on Wii, since it is easier on the eyes.

  • Jason

    This update made me think I had turned on the wii! also restricted game settings may be useful but dont turn them on during the update let the user decide!

  • Mik

    As stated above if I wanted a WII dash i would have bought one. This minimalistic approach looks as though no time was spent developing this update. The new 2d menu simply makes you sick as you attempt to toggle between spaces. Then there is the readability issue withe inset white on off-white text. Blaaaah. Bottom line is when you pay for something from a company of this caliber you would at least expect some sort of decency toward their customers.

  • Gimliskar

    If I wanted the Wii dashboard screen, I would buy one. Nothing about the extreme white on white contrast, the loss of the 3D 'blades' in favor of motion sickness inducing 2D boxes, or the complete lack of customization of either color or menu order? What about the indie games section getting the shaft? Yes, a brief review indeed.

  • Simplicity is not the problem. It's the glaring white used all throughout the interface..

  • Teamlloyd77

    I hate the new NETFLIX. Previously they had a very cool bright RED Netflix screen. Now its a different hue of red with an awful black at the bottom. It looks dirty. I don't like the font either in Netflix because it's too small. Searching appears to be only if you know the movie name. They really could have kept Netflix's GUI the same and just added the search bar. I'm not impressed. I'm strongly considering Playstation for a much better netflix experience which makes me upset because I really wanted to use my Kinects especially for Netflix. I consider this Microsoft's first major software mistake and I have no idea why they are opening the door for people to buy Playstations?! I'm a disappointed Xbox customer.

  • Edvontinkleberg

    the old dash board looked sooo much better

  • rumba-ta-tumba

    The white is way too bright. It hurts my eyes.