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New Laptops Like HTC EVO And Samsung Epic 4G

A range of new laptops coming to the market will share something in common with the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G, as they will have access to the WiMax super-fast wireless broadband technology. These new laptops will now benefit from the extensive increased coverage that Clearwire and Sprint has been working on.

You have to remember that you will need to stay in a WiMax area to get the full benefit of the technology built inside. That’s right, you will no longer have to have a USB dongle sticking out the side of your laptop any more. Gaining access to the 4G network is done with the help of the Intel Centrino 6250 WiMax, but this is an optional extra.

PCMag has been looking at 8 new laptops that will have access to the WiMax service. There are two laptops from Toshiba, two from Sony, and one each from Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung. Prices start from $629.99 to $1,504.

Looking at the review ratings, it looks as though the cheapest model is the best buy. The laptop in question is the Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM/BJ, although it is a budget laptop it has more than enough performance to hold its own.

Visit PCMag for detailed reviews on each of the 8 models.



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